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Masterkey the right option?

We’ve integrated the best of sales, leasing and property management process automation into both Masterkey Professional and Masterkey Premium. That’s why we are confident that no matter which version of Masterkey you choose, you’ll be more than satisfied with the results.

Simply put, Masterkey is the best software solution for your real estate business.

So which Masterkey is right for you?

Masterkey Professional

Comprehensive, innovative and user-friendly. Masterkey is the must-have online tool dedicated to meeting your needs in the real estate business.

Masterkey Professional integrates CRM functionality into every component. So whether it’s sales, leasing, property management or marketing, Masterkey enables you to maximize your resources and achieve optimal results for your business. With Masterkey Professional you can conduct business online, in real time, from anywhere in the world.

Masterkey Premium

Building on Masterkey Professional, Masterkey Premium does more than simply meet your real estate business needs. Masterkey Premium expands your real estate business and takes it to the next level. Building on the three fundamentals (sales, leasing and property management) in Masterkey Professional, Masterkey Premium comes packed with even more features and support.

Designed with the serious real estate professional in mind, Masterkey Premium will steer your business towards the industry’s best practices via one simple-to-use platform.

Compare Products
Description Masterkey Professional Masterkey Premium
User defined controls
customized side panel
customized dashboard
rotation list
Company defined controls
general and department news
Dashboard reports
bar chart, pie chart, statistics
Sales & Leasing
Property & unit management
full property information & map
image & document attachments
key management
transaction history
quick add units
payment plans for developers & brokers
Contact management
property requirements
transaction history
multiple contacts per transaction
activity tracking
bulk email *coming soon*
client login *coming soon*
Transaction management
real-time transactions with no double bookings
sale & lease tracking
receipt printing
reservation form and contract printing
Database management
custom fields
central database of property, units & contacts
export to excel & print results
group update properties & units
audit trail
customizable search results to display any field
archived units & unit merge
Lead management
auto lead creation
bulk close leads
lead distribution & management
auto match (unit to contact)
automated SMS messaging
email single & multiple properties to contact
custom e-brochures
Sales & leasing reports
standard sales & leasing reports
saved searches
custom report builder
Property Management
Portfolio & unit management
full property information & map
image & document attachments
property organized into portfolios
Contact / tenant management
property requirements
complaints & requests
multiple contacts per transaction
activity tracking
waiting list
Lease management
residential / commercial / land plots
lease & renewal letter printing
upcoming unit status
receipt printing
lease expiry
maintenance contracts expiry
open work orders
upcoming renewals
visa / license expiry
Building asset management
work order management
maintenance contracts
Property management reports
standard management reports
custom report builder *coming soon*
customizable search results to display any field
archived units & unit merge
draft units
CRM (for client management & call centers)
Contact management
document attachments
merge contacts
property requirements
transaction history
activity tracking
Lead management
search & bulk close leads
lead distribution & management
CRM reports
standard CRM reports
contact requirements
enhanced KPI reports
Email campaigning
mailing lists building and management
easy to use email creation tools
robust reporting and tracking
Property portals
integrated local and international portals
Marketing reports
add to newspaper
standard marketing reports
Website integration
enquiry to lead
online search engine
System Administration
User management
user role definitions
access control by country & location
access control by property type
System configuration
custom mandatory fields
custom field controls
system policies
custom dropdown menus
Other Features
Masterkey connect
data upload
support center
email support
call center support additional cost additional cost
3rd Party Integration
Microsoft Great Plains Integration additional cost additional cost
SAGE Integration additional cost additional cost
RERA Integration (Dubai only)
Custom Integrations (through web service) additional cost additional cost

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