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Masterkey provides world class commercial property management software, residential property management software, and real estate agency software. Masterkey’s property management software lets you manage a property portfolio of any size efficiently and effectively. Let Masterkey help you streamline and track all tasks in managing a property while giving you real-time updates. Designed to enhance communication within your entire network of agents, tenants and contractors, Masterkey helps you take care of business.

Our solution remarkably combines commercial property management software, residential property management software, and real estate agency software into one comprehensive package that brings all of your property management functions to your fingertips.
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Manage your entire portfolio of properties - better

Streamline the day-to-day tasks of property management, update your information in real time and enjoy complete visibility into your property portfolio with Masterkey’s property management software. Get the most out of your people and properties starting today.

Masterkey's property management software includes:

Central listing of properties and units
Track all of the important details related to every property in your portfolio. All activities of your property portfolio are captured and logged for easy retrieval and review at your convenience.
Easy tenant management
Simplify and improve communication with your tenants with Masterkey. Respond to their complaints and suggestions instantly to build and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with your tenants.
Building asset management
Streamline tedious building asset management processes with Masterkey. Save time and money and keep your properties in tiptop condition.
Leasing agent management
Notify your network of leasing agents of upcoming availabilities, marketing initiatives and other important communications about your properties. Save time and money when you let Masterkey manage your leasing network.
Subcontractor management
Store and keep track of your list of service providers. Masterkey allows you to create and maintain a strong working relationship with your subcontractors to ensure all contracts are carried through on time.
Auto correspondence
Don't leave people in your network out in the cold. Masterkey's auto correspondence feature ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.
Maintenance works monitoring
Track the progress of all maintenance projects in your property portfolio and ensure your properties are always in optimal condition.
Reminder of pending tasks
Never make another costly mistake of forgetting a pending task or issue with Masterkey. Reminders are sent out with sufficient lead time to ensure proper follow up.
Flexible searching
With Masterkey, all information on properties, companies and clients is integrated on one intuitive platform. This makes for easy searching and filtering, saving you time and money.
Activity log
Know your recent activities at a glance with Masterkey's real-time activity log.
Waiting lists
Take the steps to ensure maximum occupancy of your properties. Masterkey allows you to create a custom wait list for your properties in demand and making sure a unit never sits empty again.
Comprehensive reporting
Make your business truly transparent. Understand the big picture and all the details of your business with Masterkey's comprehensive reporting. Track individual or team performance, property ROI and more.
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Masterkey for Property Managers Video

Watch our video for property managers to see how Masterkey simplifies your business processes. Masterkey provides property managers with increased control, knowledge and organization of every property in their management portfolio.
Why wait? Call us today and let Masterkey revolutionize your real estate business.

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  • Masterkey support team were fantastic help. They were very patient and informative. We are looking forward now to using the system going forward in the comfort that should we have any problem we can tap into Support & Help.

    Fidelma Clifton
    Office Manager,
    Bonnington Real Estate
  • "We trust in Masterkey so much, our agents are not allowed to do a transaction without it."

    Emma C.
    Director of Customer Care & Data Management
    Better Homes
  • "Masterkey’s informed and knowledgeable staff is both a great help and always available."

    Maryam K.
    HR Manager
    Elysian Real Estate
  • "I am always apprehensive when utilizing a new software, but in this case my apprehension proved to be groundless."

    John L.
    VP, Sales & Marketing
    The Wave - Muscat
  • "With Masterkey, I never have unanswered questions and always receive immediate replies to whatever favors I ask."

    Muriel B.
    Cobalt Real Estate
  • "Masterkey always provides us with prompt service and help. We know that Aqua Properies will continue to benefit from this kind service."

    Frank K.
    Aqua Properties
  • "We highly appreciate the efficiency of Masterkey and how user-friendly it really is."

    Ashley A.
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