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You will Find Extraordinary People From All Over the World!


At Masterkey, you will find extraordinary people from all over the world. Our reputation of excellent client service is owed in part to our practice of hiring only the best candidates available. Explore Masterkey now, and find out what makes us the leader of our industry.

Be Quick
But Don’t Hurry

We understand that in business we should strive to act quickly. Do it now. But even in doing so we should make sure to pay attention to details and not hurry our work.

Measure Twice
Cut Once

We understand that when we do act, quality is important. We want to do the action once, do it right and never need to do it again

Set Expectations.
Meet & Exceed Them

We know that to really wow people, we must set their expectations and find a way to beat it. Setting expectations sets the bar, exceeding it is going above and beyond that bar.

Pride in Yourself, Pride in
Our Work

We take our integrity and our reputation seriously. We are honest and transparent about what we can do and are openly proud of our accomplishments.

Everyone is
An Entrepreneur

We take thrill in learning, sharing knowledge & being profitable. We understand that knowledge and money fill our sails and enable us go further and to do more.


We employees are critical. We live here, take care of your surroundings and your teammates! We strive to work in a place with no aggravation, where we take care and respect each other.

OLX Group

We’re a global product and tech group.

17 Brands
40+ Countries
5,000+ People
500+ Developers
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