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About Masterkey!

We know real estate. And real technology.

Masterkey Systems is the leading Software as a Service provider dedicated to the real estate industry.

Masterkey Systems helps real estate professionals do business - better. We've worked closely with industry professionals to create the Masterkey series of products to meet our customers' needs and bring their business to the next level. We are the only dedicated online software designed exclusively to meet the needs of real estate professionals.

Masterkey's customized online solutions are at your service, 24 hours a day - every day. With Masterkey on demand you can literally run your real estate business online from anywhere in the world. No matter who you are or what you do in real estate, the Masterkey software is the solution for you.


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Real estate can be a complicated business. Fortunately for us – and you – we’ve been in the trenches, thinking through the industry’s technology challenges for nearly a decade-and-a-half. That’s why we deliver solutions that deal with your most pressing issues – client relationship management, inventory control and real estate marketing.

And because we understand that no two real estate businesses are the same, our solutions are often uniquely configured, tested and fine-tuned to answer your specific challenges. The result? Productivity and operational efficiency that get boosted anywhere between 10% and 40%.

So, the next time someone says they have the perfect technology solution for your business, ask them how that’s possible without first understanding the specific tech tweaks and configuration required to deliver such a solution. Then call us.

Masterkey. We know real estate. And real technology.


You’ve probably heard ‘yes’ a lot, from vendors promoting their real estate technology solutions. And that’s alright if they can back it up with an intricate understanding of your business, several years’ experience serving the industry, and importantly, top-notch tech credentials to deliver not just what you expect, but what you really need.

At Masterkey, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for your business, so first we listen. And then say yes – or sometimes no – not because it’s an expectation we can’t meet, but because we don’t think it’s right for your business. And we’re not into putting our competitors down to make a point. We just don’t roll like that.

We believe relationships are earned, not acquired, and we do what it takes to make that happen. Even if it means saying no.

Masterkey. We’re on your side.


What makes a ‘perfect technology solution’ perfect? Is it something you can plug and play straight out of the box? Or something that is thoughtfully tailored and tweaked so it fits just right? More importantly, who’s doing the tweaking? Technology experts with a fifteen-year pedigree, who deep-dive into real estate business challenges, or a bunch of coders who’d really rather be developing Bitcoin technology?

At Masterkey, we apply what we’ve learned about the property business over a decade-and-a half, and are constantly evolving to deliver solutions that work for real estate in the real world. You’ll see it in the way we think, plan, build and deploy, and in how we collaborate with you to take your business further.

It’s why our clients see us not merely as a vendor, but as a partner.

Masterkey. We fit just right.

GSD is our SOP.

Masterkey GetS_itDone. In fact, that’s our Standard Operating Procedure. If we have a better idea, we say it. If we see a better route from A to B, we take it. If we think we need more brains working on your challenge, we bring them into the huddle. We first seek to understand what you really need and then we find a way – or make one.

But talk is cheap. Let us show you just how we GSD.

Masterkey. GetS_itDone

Meet some of our happy clients and hear their side of the story

We are now able to send automated notifications for due rent payments, routine maintenance, tenancy renewals and general landlord notices with just a click of button. Masterkey's Property Management module has helped us standout in terms of customer service and timeliness, while contributing to a significant drop in number of non-follow up complaints we receive from our clients.
Tarek Gouda General Manager
We appreciate Masterkey’s expertise in developing a faster process in releasing our e-newsletter to a select audience, their quick turnaround time in creating the HTML template, and on-time delivery of our e-newsletter. For years, we’ve dealt with Masterkey for various projects. Their flexibility in adapting to changes and impeccable customer service are some of the reasons why up to this day we still work closely with Masterkey.
Shireen Ahmed Junior Officer
I’ve been using Masterkey since 2007, back in Abu Dhabi and we’ve been using it as one of our core systems here in Bahrain for quite a while now. I’ve watched the system and company grow from very humble beginnings in Dubai to a globally leading product. What makes it so effective and such a core part of our business process is that it does sales and marketing so well; and if there’s something the system can’t yet do, the team has a solution in the next release cycle. I’m looking forward to the next five years of Masterkey’s development, I know their future is going to be very bright indeed.
Matthew Bulger Planning & Property Development Head
This (Ejari) integration drastically reduces our overhead. We were spending in the range of 2,000 hours a year to copy data into the Ejari system. Now we can simply update our information in Masterkey, which will then register new leases in Ejari at the click of a button.
Ryan Mahoney CEO
Since we have started using Masterkey, our company has become very organized and efficient in dealing with our clients. We can easily determine which properties are available for sale or lease, and we can quickly respond to our clients’ requirements just by looking at the system. What we like most working with Masterkey is that all of the support staff are very eager to help, and they continually follow up with us to ensure that our issues are resolved. Their hands-on approach is just one of the many things we appreciate about Masterkey.
Said Yousef Managing Director

Developers, Brokers & Property Managers

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