Masterkey Mobile updated!

We’ve been refining the Masterkey Mobile experience in the last two weeks and added some much requested tweaks.  What's changed? Search Units by entering either City, Community, Sub-Community or Property using auto-complete. This will help you find what you are looking for with very... [More]

Growing Community: May Edition

Growing Community: May EditionThis month we had eight companies join the Masterkey Community strongly representing Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Help us welcome Nationwide Middle East Properties, Eureka Real Estate Brokers, IPC Real Estate, Gravity Real Estate, Geometrics Real Estate, Bravo Real Estate, Home Search Real Estate and Loyal ... [More]

Masterkey Mobile: available now!

We are proud to announce the launch of Masterkey Mobile, the mobile-friendly version of our real estate software. The launch, our recent Masterkey Connect Event and subsequent feedback have been extremely positive, and we are thrilled to get Masterkey into the hands of every agent, administrator and manager. [More]

Record turnout at the Connect Event

With over 160 real estate professionals at the event, we set a new record for how many real estate professionals we could bring together in one night. It was especially pleasing to see members of the community from such a wide variety of companies. Thank you all for making the Connect Event a great success! [More]

Changes in how you access Contract Documents

Changes in how you access Contract DocumentsWe're changing things around to give you more flexibility - enabling you to customize Contract Documents to suit the way you do business. One step towards this goal is combining the different Contract buttons into one designated Contracts drop-down. Let me show you two examples of how this now looks... [More]

Three day training in Lagos with ARM Properties

Three day training in Lagos with ARM PropertiesARM Properties is our first major customer in Nigeria. Melroy traveled to Lagos last week to get them started on Masterkey with a three day training program. Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing African countries and we are thrilled to have a company like ARM properties join the Masterkey Community... [More]

Release Notes (Q2 2012)

Version V4.5.18.39 (18/06/2012) New: Work Order Form has now been redesigned in order to in cooperate remarks for every stage in it. New: Option to delete maintenance companies is now available. New: Portfolio Zone has been optimized to make it perform consistently with the rest of the app... [More]

Growing Community: March edition

Growing Community: March editionThis month we had six companies join the Masterkey Community with our first customer from Nigeria. Help us welcome ARM Properties, RBA Real Estate, Soroya Homes, Flying Colour Real Estate, QShield and Oriental Homes. ARM Properties Developer Nigeria RBA Real Estate Brokerage Un... [More]

Matches now available for everyone!

Matches now available for everyone!We launched Matches at the last Connect Event in December and now it's available for everyone. Follow these two articles to learn more about how Matches can help you do business faster. Done in 60 seconds: From new lead to evaluating property Knowledgebase: How do Matches work?

Growing community: February edition

Growing community: February editionThis month we have companies from Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emirates join our community. Help us welcome LS Keep Moving, L.Y.M Real Estate, IS Real Estate, Naseej and Castles Plaza by finding out how you can join forces to close deals! LS Keep Moving Brokerage Qatar L.Y.M ... [More]