Open Masterkey in multiple windows?

Open Masterkey in multiple windows?One of the most requested features at the Q&A Sessions was the ability to open multiple windows in Masterkey. I want to share a trick with you that enables just that. For example, when you want to open Contact Zone, right-click on the menu item and then click on 'Open in a new tab'. This will open t... [More]

Interview with Ghassan Ghellal: A network of agents

Interview with Ghassan Ghellal: A network of agentsGokhan Polat interviewed Ghassan Ghellal who is the Business Development Manager at Halcon Real Estate. How would you describe the successful real estate agent? I would expect four things from a successful agent: strong, specialized product knowledge; confident and clear understanding of the pro... [More]

Three day training for new customer in Doha

Three day training for new customer in DohaLS: Keep moving is the funky name of our newest customer in Doha. We just had a three day training program at their offices in the iconic Tornado Tower and judging by the pictures, they seem to be having lots of fun.

Has the Dubai market partially recovered?

According to REIDIN's 2011 results, Dubai may be in a partial recovery.

Their YoY statistics show that popular areas such as Arabian Ranches and The Springs/Meadows have actually increased value by up to 15%. If true, that would be a marked recovery for those areas and would indicate that prices have not just bottomed out but are on the rise. [More]

New feature: Lightning fast image upload

New feature: Lightning fast image uploadNo listing should be published without photos, because nothing better than photos will showcase the features you want to highlight. If your description emphasizes a great view, it pays to have a photo of the view. To help you upload more photos, the image-uploader is now capable of uploading mult... [More]

Release Notes (Q1 2012)

Version V4.5.12.27 (18/03/2012) New: You can now open the lead file by clicking on any record from the side bar (Leads with Matches). New: On the matches screen (at the right top corner), lead number has now been changed into a link. By clicking to which you can now access th... [More]

Growing community: January edition

Growing community: January editionThis month shows that Masterkey works for you, whether you are a developer, property manager or a broker. We are pleased to have Manara Developments, Sloanes Real Estate, Universal OAM and Al Wesal Real Estate join our community! Manara Developemnt Developer Bahrain Sloanes Real Es... [More]

Why User Manuals Are Dead To The World

Today we were asked to provide our user manuals in a PDF or Word document. You may think that this is a reasonable enough request but after nine years of building software we've figured out a thing or two about user manuals: No one reads them. Ever.   When we look back over the years we've ma... [More]

RERA warning to Dubai's property brokerages

The Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has recently put in place conditions for the advertisement of real estate services and properties in mainstream media. As a real estate agency in the UAE this means that you must publish your RERA registration number on all published advertisements a... [More]

Wishing you a well-connected 2012!

Wishing you a well-connected 2012!People from all over the world are getting in touch with us because they have heard about Masterkey from someone like you. Thank you for spreading the word!   For that reason many companies from Qatar, Kuwait, Australia and North America joined our community over the last year. This will tran... [More]