Community get-together at Barasti

Community get-together at BarastiWe organized another Connect Event bringing together 140+ real estate professionals. With so many attending, Barasti was again buzzing with energy and the love for our profession. The card-matching game sent people looking for their matching card among the crowd making for some amusing moments. Not ... [More]

About Connect Groups

About Connect Groups 

Done in 60 seconds: From new lead to evaluating property

Done in 60 seconds: From new lead to evaluating propertyWorking with leads have never been easier. Masterkey now automatically matches your leads with all available property so that you don't have to. Did you just get a request from someone looking for a 4 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina? Masterkey will match those requirements with all available listi... [More]

Zavanti - how it works with Masterkey

Zavanti - how it works with MasterkeySimply put, Zavanti is an ERP built for the Real Estate industry. It’s extensive, covers in-depth project-based accounting for Property Developers, Builders, Contractors and Property Owners and it is, frankly, hard to grasp at first. It’s the sort of thing that if you dream about what an... [More]

Sharing property listings in Masterkey

Sharing property listings in MasterkeyCollaboration is key in generating more business, and the Masterkey Connect feature provides real estate professionals with the ability to do just that – cultivate a community and generate more business. Let me show you how to get started. 1. Select Connections Zone Under the System Ad... [More]

New Community Manager at Masterkey

New Community Manager at MasterkeyAlmost a thousand agents, developers and property managers use Masterkey every day. We have a fast growing community, and the larger the community gets, the more it's worth for everyone in the community. Gokhan Polat is the new Community Manager at Masterkey. His mission is to make sure you get... [More]

New customers in October

 We would like to welcome four new customers to the Masterkey community. You can now connect with them in Masterkey and work together to pursue deals!    Bavarian Real Estate (Dubai, U.A.E) Eastern Sands Real Estate (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E) Al Khail Real Estate (Dubai, U.A.E) Sabban ... [More]

Connect Groups

We are launching six new Connect Groups today enabling agents across companies to contact each other. You can see that Connect Groups include several communities. Not all of the communities are in this first wave of Connect Groups. We will keep you posted!

NEW! Re-order images on Unit File

NEW! Re-order images on Unit FileYou can now re-order images on the Unit File using drag and drop. This is available inside the unit file and currently works with any existing web site integrations and unit cards (e-brochures). It currently does NOT work with portals as the portals will need to upgrade to our new portal integration version. [More]

Release Notes (Q4 2011)

Version V4.5.6.47 (26/12/2011) New: Multiple image upload feature is now available in the system. You can now track work order activities through activity zone. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.5.26 (11/12/2011) New: Matches are now available in the system fo... [More]