Staying on the Forefront: Connect and Share Listings with Other Agents

How real estate professionals conduct business and operate has drastically changed in recent years. Technology has paved the way for next generation web solutions, MIS platforms and complete process automation. The real winners have not only accepted this progress, but they learned and now utilize t... [More]

Masterkey Partners with UAE Real Estate Portal

Masterkey, the region's leading provider of web-based real estate software has inked a deal with emerging real estate portal, giving brokers a unique opportunity to promote property side-by-side with owner-investors of UAE real estate. "This partnership is instrume... [More]

Top 7 ways to rate Property Portals

What makes a good property portal? How do you differentiate between a portal that will ultimately generate an abundance of worthwhile leads and one that will waste both time and money? Here’s a list we’ve compiled of the top 7 things to look for in a property portal:   1. Cost per... [More]

New Year's Resolutions

2009 has come and gone, and it was an interesting 12 months to say the least.  Looking back on a year most of us would just as soon forget, there are some valuable lessons that we can take with us into 2010.  While we may still be riding this economic roller coaster, the general consen... [More]

Google is changing the Web and you need to know about it.

Google is changing the Web and you need to know about it.Google is at it again. They continue to shape the environment and circumstances that dictate how we as businesses exist on the web. It is essential as real estate professionals to stay informed about the advancements in technology as they pertain to your customers shopping and selection experience. ... [More]

Is Your Business Falling Behind? You may be setting your business up to fail by not utilizing social media

Communication through Google and social media has significantly influenced how people make decisions and find information. Today, interactive information sharing on the World Wide Web, better known as Web 2.0, has changed the way users communicate around the world. According to Mashable, the world's... [More]

Masterkey and Just Rentals Dubai partner to capitalize on Dubai rental market growth.

Masterkey and Just Rentals Dubai partner to capitalize on Dubai rental market growth.Masterkey, the leading provider of web-based real estate software in the UAE has partnered with regional property portal, This partnership gives clients the opportunity to take advantage of the current market conditions by listing rental properties with Just Rentals Dubai d... [More]

Cityscape Dubai 2009: Finally Optimism.

Another Cityscape Dubai has come and gone, October is half finished and similar to last year at this time, uncertainty about the health of the real estate industry lingers. As familiar as that may sound and feel though, it’s different. There was no light at the end of the tunnel following ... [More]

Avinash Advani interview as featured in the Cityscape Show Daily.

Q. What are the major challenges for the real estate development and investment industry looking to the short to mid-term, as we enter the final quarter of 2009?   A. Financing for developers has been difficult because with a large portion of the world is still reeling from the globa... [More]

Cityscape Dubai 2009 Finds Realism

In years past, attending Cityscape Dubai meant you were going to see the biggest and best that the industry had to offer. Budgets were an afterthought, with companies from around the world barring no expense to ensure they had not only a presence, but made an impact at the event.   Ci... [More]