Joint buyer feature added for users

Joint buyer feature added for usersWe have a new system in place for join buyers! You can now link two clients to a property when selling it and have both names printed on the contract. Sell the unit as normal, and when you get to selecting the buyer in the transaction wizard, you will see a ‘Joint Buyer’ tick box... [More]

Oh, and we went to cityscape…

Oh, and we went to cityscape…November 1st, 2007 by Karim Noseir Can’t miss cityscape! We seem to be some of the only useful real estate software in the Middle East. People were coming to the stand with variations on the story “Yeah, I asked around and everyone told me if I wanted the best Real Estate softwar... [More]

We’re hiring

Right now we have 2 positions available inside MasterKey, including an Account Manager and Customer Support Officer. Sound like you? Account Manager You’ll be working with many real estate companies throughout the UAE and GCC, some big, some small. Initially, you’ll spend a lot... [More]

A fond farewell to Ahmed

A fond farewell to AhmedThere’s a time for all things to come to an end. This month we said ‘Au revoir’ to one of our team members, Ahmed Bakry. He was the account manager for several of our clients and was a charm to work with. Good luck Ahmed in your future ventures, and feel free to stop by for a cup o... [More]

New iPhone teaser ads released

June 5th, 2007 by Daniel Hart Apple just released 3 ads on the new iPhone. June 29th release date in the US, but when will we see this in the UAE? No idea. Unfortunately it won’t be that easy to just fly to New York, pick one up and come back again; 1. The iPhone is offered exclusively ... [More]

Kings of the Computer, together on stage

Recently, the All Things Digital conference was held, which features interviews with prominent figures in the Digital Technology field. This years conference saw people such as George Lucas (famous for his Star Wars pictures and his Industrial Light and Magic / Skywalker Sound companies which are pi... [More]

Office Branding!

I’d like to show you the new office branding It’s taken a while, but we got sick of people wondering whether they were in the MasterKey office. So, to make sure they knew beyond a doubt where they were, we employed a little ingenuity and some elbow grease to give those coming thro... [More]

Working Hard or Hardly Working

Working Hard or Hardly WorkingWorking hard! I thought everyone might be interested to see what we have in the works. Real Estate Bank – Al Maha Tower First up is Al Maha Tower. The UAE based Real Estate Bank asked us to do a MasterPlan for one of their tower projects. Below are two samples of what that looks like: ... [More]

Hey! What’s going on with the beta?

Well, we went and checked, and the programmers haven’t disappeared, sucked into some horrible elder dimension. Instead they have been working hard to get beta 1 out the door for our valiant group of beta testers to run through for us. Right now the development team is working on optimizi... [More]

Google Empire, Part 2

Google Calendar Google’s calendar offering is both the hardest and easiest sell, strange as it may seem, and this is mainly due to the fact that it’s competition in this arena is incredibly robust, namely the Microsoft Exchange / Outlook combo. Since it’s initial introducti... [More]