Hey! What’s going on with the beta?

Well, we went and checked, and the programmers haven’t disappeared, sucked into some horrible elder dimension. Instead they have been working hard to get beta 1 out the door for our valiant group of beta testers to run through for us. Right now the development team is working on optimizi... [More]

Google Empire, Part 2

Google Calendar Google’s calendar offering is both the hardest and easiest sell, strange as it may seem, and this is mainly due to the fact that it’s competition in this arena is incredibly robust, namely the Microsoft Exchange / Outlook combo. Since it’s initial introducti... [More]

Trip Report: Cityscape Abu Dhabi

Trip Report: Cityscape Abu DhabiWell, Cityscape Abu Dhabi has ended, and the team is back in Dubai after 4 hectic days. We spoke to some interesting people and companies while we were there, saw some fantastic stands (the amount of money spent on those things, wow) and are now in the process of going through the enormous stack of ... [More]

Google Empire, Part 1

This will be a 2 part series taking you through the free tools that Google offers, with the hopes that it will help you make your life more productive. Not just a search engine You guys know what Google is right? The company / brand has become so entrenched with daily life that the term Googl... [More]

You’ve got mail! (on your phone)

You’re on the road, disconnected from your e-mail, not up to date and missing all sorts of important e-mails. What do you do? Well, if you have a mobile phone you can ask someone at the office to sit with your inbox open and read you all your e-mails, or you can use a Push e-mail service. ... [More]

Why would you like to help out with the Beta?

Finally got around to putting up a list of why people wanted to help out with the beta. Here’s the reasons, some are quite funny actually. ‘Why not?’ is especially inspiring, be warned, this is raw user feedback! Q: Why would you like to help out with the Beta? Why not? ... [More]

Congratulations The Wave: Successful launch

I’d just like to congratulate The Wave Sales Team, they did a wonderful job at the Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates and sold out the phase in just 48 hours. That’s virtually unheard of now in Dubai, and reminds me of 3 years ago.   Of course, I’d love to highlig... [More]

New Improved Login

We’ve just added a better login for the blog. Several users we’re getting a bit lost when trying to log in to the blog, so we’ve put the login in the sidemenu on the right. When you log in it’s also nice enough to keep you in the blog, and doesn’t send you to... [More]

The invasion of property listing websites in Dubai

There are few things faster than the construction of property in Dubai, but the wave of property listing websites in Dubai are definitely keeping up with the pace. Some are brilliantly designed, some are not. Some have current listings, others do not. So, which ones do you go for? To achieve the max... [More]

Masterkey Beta In Development

Well on our way to launching the new MasterKey beta, we’re going to reserve this category for news and updates related to the beta. Point person in this category will be Sohail Mazhar who’s leading the development process.