New Improved Login

We’ve just added a better login for the blog. Several users we’re getting a bit lost when trying to log in to the blog, so we’ve put the login in the sidemenu on the right. When you log in it’s also nice enough to keep you in the blog, and doesn’t send you to... [More]

The invasion of property listing websites in Dubai

There are few things faster than the construction of property in Dubai, but the wave of property listing websites in Dubai are definitely keeping up with the pace. Some are brilliantly designed, some are not. Some have current listings, others do not. So, which ones do you go for? To achieve the max... [More]

Masterkey Beta In Development

Well on our way to launching the new MasterKey beta, we’re going to reserve this category for news and updates related to the beta. Point person in this category will be Sohail Mazhar who’s leading the development process.

Example Post

This is a example post of HTML that should work on the blog:  Bullet point 1 Sub point 1 Sub point 2 Bullet point 2 Bullet point 3 Numbered point 1 Sub point 1 Sub point 2 Numbered point 2 Numbered point 3 Bold textItalics text Underline textStrike through text Indented tex... [More]

MasterKey Website Redesign

As you probably know by now, MasterKey is undergoing a complete redesign (You can help us test the beta by the way! Sign up and give us your feedback and have a hand in making MasterKey what you want it to be.) To go along with “Masterkey 4.0″, we are giving the website a new set of... [More]