Introducing our brand new feature: Workflow

Introducing our brand new feature: Workflow    For almost as long as Masterkey has been around you’ve had the ability to manage “Activities”. This allowed you to create and manage tasks either for yourself or for your colleagues within your real estate business. Instead of using an external task management tool,... [More]

Masterkey. A single point of truth.

Masterkey. A single point of truth.  As companies grow in scale and operations, the need for a central system connecting different teams, processes and software becomes more important. Large organizations need to run all operations in sync with each other, and to eliminate inefficiencies caused by transferring data between syst... [More]

Release Notes (Q2 2014)

Version (15/06/2014) New Columns to show Renewal Notices sent date and status have been added on sidebar. Edit Permissions have been included on top of Portfolio access for Unit Records. General Complaints and Improvements.   Version (01/06/2014) New: We now have... [More]

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem!On behalf of all Masterkey team, we wish you to have a very blessed Ramadan!   Ramadan Office Hours: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm Emergency Line: +971 50 458 0335

Excuse me… Your cheque bounced!

Excuse me… Your cheque bounced!  Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy making some improvements to our invoice and payment management features, making them more advanced. It is now easier to maintain a full audit and a reporting trail of all the changes in your invoices.   Earlier this year, we introduced a ... [More]

Templates, Templates, Templates!

Templates, Templates, Templates!      Nothing makes work processes easier or faster than templates! We all love them! No need to think of texts, descriptions, words, and most importantly, it’s the best way to avoid writing errors!   We have just released Marketing Templates, an advanced feature under... [More]

Sending renewal notices just got a lot easier!

Sending renewal notices just got a lot easier!In the last few months and due to popular demand, we’ve been hard at work to revamp and streamline the lease renewal process inside Masterkey. This week’s release includes the first of a series of improvements that will facilitate renewals for Property Managers.   You can now send... [More]

3 Ways to Hack Your Productivity

3 Ways to Hack Your Productivity   Productivity is a common distressing subject for any real estate professional. Running from one apartment to the other, entering notes onto your smartphones (that you never really have time to look at anyway, or if you do you would completely forget what that note was about in the first plac... [More]

Marketing Agent Feature Now Released!

Marketing Agent Feature Now Released!    There may be situations where you need another agent to be the advertising and contact person for your listings. Masterkey has recently released Marketing Agent, a new feature that allows agents to advertise their listings through another colleague.   When would this feature b... [More]

Ejari Integration news around the web

Ejari Integration news around the webWith the news about Masterkey’s Ejari integration making it’s way around the media world we thought we’d collect some of the main points of the news stories for you to read. Summary of the news Masterkey is the first and only non-government software to have integrated with Ejari. You can create... [More]