3 Ways to Hack Your Productivity

3 Ways to Hack Your Productivity   Productivity is a common distressing subject for any real estate professional. Running from one apartment to the other, entering notes onto your smartphones (that you never really have time to look at anyway, or if you do you would completely forget what that note was about in the first plac... [More]

Marketing Agent Feature Now Released!

Marketing Agent Feature Now Released!    There may be situations where you need another agent to be the advertising and contact person for your listings. Masterkey has recently released Marketing Agent, a new feature that allows agents to advertise their listings through another colleague.   When would this feature b... [More]

Ejari Integration news around the web

Ejari Integration news around the webWith the news about Masterkey’s Ejari integration making it’s way around the media world we thought we’d collect some of the main points of the news stories for you to read. Summary of the news Masterkey is the first and only non-government software to have integrated with Ejari. You can create... [More]

Ejari Integration now live in Beta!

Ejari Integration now live in Beta!          Masterkey is the first and only non-government software to integrate with RERA’s Ejari system, saving Dubai based Property Managers both time and tear-inducing ‘manual work’ to comply with regulations.   What is Ejari?   If you ... [More]

What’s changed with Payments?

What’s changed with Payments?A number of changes to Payments and Receipts have just been released, the most interesting of which are updates in invoices, reconciled payments and history of changes. ‘Payments’ has been renamed ‘Invoices (Payments Due)’ We had change the terminology to make sense of the ... [More]

Masterkey Evolved

Masterkey EvolvedMasterkey 4.8 rolls out a host of upgrades and the most notable is by far the evolved interface! It not only improves the way you get around the application, but has been carefully crafted to give you a whole new experience and feel. Our designers have smoothed out the rough edges and  embedded... [More]

How Masterkey evolved over the years

How Masterkey evolved over the yearsRemember how Google looked when it first launched? Yeah, we were better.   2001 - 2002: V1 of MasterkeyIf you’ve seen this design before it means you were in real estate before freehold property existed in Dubai. You should be a millionaire... or be an employee of Masterkey.   20... [More]

Hide unit number or mandate payments?

While still actively working on some of our bigger projects (in particular, improved navigation and report builder) we’ve just sneaked in two new features we’ve been working on. The first one we’re calling Hide Unit Number which, you guessed it, allows you to hide the Unit Number from other Agents. ... [More]

New responsive email template for mobile devices!

New responsive email template for mobile devices!Have you ever viewed a unit card on your mobile phone? Did you have to zoom in to read the text? We’ve release a new unit card template that is optimized for mobile and automatically resizes based on the mobile device you’re viewing it from. Mobile-ready unit cards are going to be one of... [More]

Release Notes (Q2 2013)

Version (30/06/2013) Support Access upgrades have now been lived for beta testers. We now have a customization frame work to control the visibility and mandatory of fields per group in contact and lead files. Small enhancements in new add lead panel. Major improvements in report... [More]