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RERA: Fines to agents who flout brokerage rules

By Gokhan Polat, Community Manager

I recently read an article on The National about how Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is planning to fine individual agents who are passing on confidential information or handling transactions without the approval of their company. According to Sultan Al Suwaidi (RERA), the breaches range from ‘cooperating with unlicensed brokers’, ‘failing to keep brokerage and client information private’ and to ‘closing contracts without the brokerage’s knowledge’.

I can definitely see how these breaches are problematic for brokerages, but I’m still stuck with a question is my mind: Why do we have these issues in the first place? I thought I’d ask Daniel who has been working in the Dubai real estate sector for more than 9 years.

“There are a number of reasons for why an agent would feel compelled to do a deal outside the brokerage. Some agents feel that if their brokerage was not involved in the deal, why should they share the commission? The agent’s argument is often based on the fact that you can meet potential buyers/sellers who haven’t had any interaction with your head office, especially if it’s a close friend or a relative the agent has known for many years prior to joining the brokerage.

Another factor is that many agents in their home country would have been able to do the transaction as a freelancer without the brokerage. In the UAE it’s near impossible to legally operate as a freelancer so many resort doing these deals well-knowing that it’s outside the rules.” - Daniel Hart, CEO @ Masterkey

So would the threat of fines force agents to comply with the rules? It’s an attempt to solve the problem, but a very tough one to implement. The main issue is that non-registered freelancers are allowed to get away and close deals. Before RERA can start giving out penalties to individual agents, it needs to have all property listings registered with Simsari and make sure that only the agents who have been registered can sell the property. This assures that RERA know who’s allowed to do the transaction.

In order for that to work, every advertising portal needs to have a Simsari number for each listing in the system and ensure that the Simsari number is verified. This will be difficult to enforce, because it requires getting the brokerages and advertising portals to collaborate with RERA much closer than they are today.

RERA could start giving out penalties based on accusations of outside brokerage deals, however this will not stop these deals from happening and may even force agents to use more illicit methods.

source: www.thenational.ae/business/property/brokers-to-take-heat-for-rules-breaches

New Customers: August Edition

This month we had six companies join the Masterkey Community. Help us welcome Propsquare Real Estate, PRD Nationwide Property Services, Mi Casa Real Estate, Dynamic Real Estate, Riveria Global Real Estate and GC Homes!

Propsquare Real Estate Propsquare Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
PRD Nationwide Property Services PRD Nationwide Property Services Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Mi Casa Real Estate Mi Casa Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Dynamic Real Estate Dynamic Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Riveria Global Real Estate Riveria Global Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
GC Homes GC Homes Brokerage United Arab Emirates

Online chat with Masterkey Support

We are having some problems with our phone lines so for a limited time we've set up live chat support on our website. You can now chat with us directly from the gomasterkey.com website. Look for the green button on the left with the text 'live support' written on it. Click on this button to open the chat window.

The pop-up will give you two options for how you can interact with us. You can either send us an email or click 'Chat with us' to enter the chat conversation. Now just wait for our support team respond to your question.

Breaking News: Simsari.ae announced and what that means for brokers in Dubai

Simsari.ae has finally been officially announced, appearing today on the Emirates 24|7 website. 




The main highlights of the announcement are:

  1. RERA has ordered all brokerage firms to register their available properties on Simsari.ae.
  2. The deadline to register your company is August 31, 2012.
  3. The system will be mandatory by September 1st, 2012.
  4. RERA approved brokers who fail to register will be penalised.
  5. Listings will be free (according to information from May).

The Emirates 24|7 article is a little lacking on details such as how brokers who fail to register will be penalised, but they do hint that RERA may in some cases fine brokers instead of the brokerage firms.

What you need to do about it


Some pretty obvious questions pop up around this. Why is this being done and what do I need to do about it? The Simsari main website is offline as of this posting, but we can spill what we know so far.


To be clear, the first time Masterkey heard about RERA’s plan to launch Simsari was in 2010 and since then we’ve met them many, many times. We’ve had detailed technical discussions on how our systems will integrate and attended the pre-launch Simsari training session with several large brokerage firms. Simsari has changed tremendously over this time and we’ve waited to see what the final product looked like before making any announcements.


At this time we are approximate 60-70% complete with our technical integration, so with RERA’s support we should have both systems up and running by the time they launch fully.


In order to help you in the meantime, we’ll be posting some very detailed step-by-step instructions about how you can comply with Simsari, both as brokerage firms and as individual brokers.


Stay tuned for end of day tomorrow for the link. We’ll also give you a run through of what you need to do along with some screenshots of the system and keep you posted if anything changes.


UPDATE 30 July 2012 - We've now posted our Unofficial Guide to Simsari.


Links: Original Emirates 24|7 Article

Growing Community: June Edition

Last month we had five companies join the Masterkey Community strongly representing Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Welcome to Flash Properties, Carlton Real Estate, Realco, Exclusive Homes Real Estate and AAH Real Estate Brokers!

Flash Properties Flash Properties Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Carlton Real Estate Carlton Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Realco (Mahran Real Estate) Realco Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Exclusive Homes Real Estate Exclusive Homes Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
AAH Real Estate Brokers AAH Real Estate Brokers Brokerage United Arab Emirates

Release Notes (Q3 2012)


Version V4.5.25.36 (23/09/2012)

  • New: You can now control the no of units to be added in the property management module by applying Unit Limit.
  • New: Master Control for Work Order Correspondence has now been available.
  • Optimization has been done on the unit file to enhance the speed efficiency.
  • New fields for buyers and sellers solicitors are now available for Australian groups.
  • Significant Changes have been made in the API for Zavanti.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version V4.5.24.50 (09/09/2012)

  • New: Structural changes have been made in the interface structure of Masterkey.
  • New: New Sidebar is now available on a test group(1825) for internal testing.
  • Pending activities are now showing by default in the activity's grid.
  • Agent's list in "List All Agents" link is now segregated with color code.
  • Users will not be allowed to login now once the expiry date on their user file has passed.
  • Unit category has now been added in merge fields option for Mass Email functionality.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version V4.5.23.29 (26/08/2012)

  • New: You can now set the Phone numbers as non-mandatory as per your business requirement. 
  • New: You can now generate one receipt for multiple payments.
  • Character length check on SMS Service has been removed.
  • Suppliers are now linked with the asset file in property management.
  • Minor changes in the work order zone.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version V4.5.22.27 (12/08/2012)

  • New: SMS functionality is now available on work orders.
  • New: You can now set a unit in both upcoming and vacant statuses along with the break lease date. 
  • Recent work orders added will now show up on the top.
  • You can disabled / enabled http.
  • Minor improvements in report builder.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version V4.5.21.32 (29/07/2012)

  • Minor improvements in report builder.
  • Improvements in Sold or leased water mark functionality.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version V4.5.20.33 (15/07/2012)

  • New: You can now set a unit inside Masterkey if it is "sold by third party".
  • New: You can now change the listing agent on a transacted unit in leasing and property management without changing the status of the unit.
  • New: You can now set mandatory payment as per your business need on transaction.
  • Save and add new has now been introduced for work order file.
  • Minor improvements in report builder.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version V4.5.19.40 (01/07/2012)

  • New: You can now advertise reserved, sold and leased units on your websites.  
  • New: Incident zone in property management has now been optimized.
  • New: Work order zone in property management has now been optimized.
  • A warning has been introduced When a user tries to close a file while an upload is in progress.
  • Character limit for notes in work order file has now been increased.
  • Reservation type has now been added as a field in the field selection > Advance search.
  • You can now change the payment status on a transacted unit from transaction file.
  • Minor changes and bug fixes.

Five new Help Articles this month!

How to: Change the Quick Search View »

Unit Quick Search has two types of views: Summary View and Detailed View. Find out what each can do for you.

How to: Insert multiple payments »

No more going through the hassle of adding every single payment manually. The 'Add Multiple Payments' feature will help you add multiple payments easily.

How to: Mass Email Contacts »

In the Property Management Module, you can now send up to 50 emails at once helping you manage your communication to the Tenants.

How to: Export data to Excel, Word or PDF »

Export Units, Contacts, Leads and Activities from Masterkey. You can export data in different formats like csv, excel, word, pdf etc.

How to: Generate a Receipt »

Generate all kinds of receipts with your company logo for sales, leasing and property management. You can have three copies printed by a single click i.e original receipt, one for accounting and one for admin purposes.

Masterkey Mobile updated!

We’ve been refining the Masterkey Mobile experience in the last two weeks and added some much requested tweaks. 

What's changed?

  • Search Units by entering either City, Community, Sub-Community or Property using auto-complete. This will help you find what you are looking for with very little effort.
  • Search Leads based on whether they are Open or Closed. This distinction helps you quickly find the Leads you are looking for.
  • We’ve redesigned the buttons in Masterkey Mobile to stand out from the rest of the application.

All Changes

  • Search Units - Added Cities, Sub Communities to Enter Location
  • Search Units - Added commas for Price Range 
  • Search Units > Results - Now show the Location of Units
  • Search Units > Results - Removed decimals from Unit Price
  • Search Units > Results - Now show ‘Number of images’
  • My Leads - Search by Open / Closed Leads
  • My Leads - Search by ‘Hide landlord and seller lead’
  • Updated design of Buttons

Growing Community: May Edition

This month we had eight companies join the Masterkey Community strongly representing Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Help us welcome Nationwide Middle East Properties, Eureka Real Estate Brokers, IPC Real Estate, Gravity Real Estate, Geometrics Real Estate, Bravo Real Estate, Home Search Real Estate and Loyal Realty!

Nationwide Middle East Properties Nationwide Middle East Properties Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Eureka Real Estate Brokers Eureka Real Estate Brokers Brokerage United Arab Emirates
IPC Real Estate IPC Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Gravity Real Estate Gravity Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Geometrics Real Estate Geometrics Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Bravo Real Estate Bravo Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Home Search Real Estate Home Search Real Estate Brokerage United Arab Emirates
Loyal Realty Loyal Realty Brokerage United Arab Emirates