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Time is Money.   We know, we know. But as cliché as it sounds, it’s true.   In today’s environment real estate organizations can’t afford to operate at anything less than fully optimal. The microscope is on every detail of the business, and saving money while not compromising on service is all that matters.   The longer you stall and the longer you fail to optimize your business, the more money and opportunities you lose. How do you optimize your business?   By improving Return On Investment (ROI) Stretching your budget Targeting your efforts Honing your strategy   Every minute of every day is money lost when you aren’t running your business as efficiently as you can. Right now, it’s tough to justify lost money and opportunities because of inaction.   Masterkey helps real estate professionals do business better, faster and easier.   Sell and lease more property. Lower your cost per lead and reach a global audience of 1000’s qualified leads. Organize and manage your data with one central database. Save thousands on marketing with a powerful array of tools and features that allow you to customize and specifically target your message and audiences. Manage your team of brokers and agents more efficiently and provide them with the resources to succeed. Streamline every facet of your operations. Eliminate tedious administrative processes. That means less time in the back office and more time interacting with clients. Measure and improve your ROI with meaningful and detailed reporting.   When we say time is money, we literally mean it. From now until April 31, 2009 when you register your interest with Masterkey receive 1% off your set up fee for every day remaining in the month.   Here’s how it works:   Register your interest with Masterkey today, April 9, 2009 and receive 22% (22 days left in April) off your total set up fee.   Register your interest with Masterkey tomorrow, April 10, 2009 and receive 21% (21 days left in April) off your total set up fee.   You can see where this is going. The longer you wait…the more money you lose so sign up today.   Please enter the promotion code TIMEMONEY, when registering on our site.   Optimize your efforts today with Masterkey!   Best Regards,   The Masterkey Team

Lower your cost per lead with Masterkey

Masterkey provides you with the leading Email messaging solution at an inexpensive and measurable cost.   The global downturn is putting a heavy spotlight on ROI in marketing campaigns. Companies everywhere must strive to achieve the highest return on marketing dollars and be able to see real results on their spending.   Strategic Email Campaigning stands out as a crucial method for delivering cost effective and measurable communications in the current economic environment. Masterkey employs the preeminent e-marketing tools to help real estate businesses effectively reach their customers and grow their businesses.   Visit us here ( to learn more about Email campaigning and how Masterkey can help you maximize your marketing efforts.   Best Regards,   The Masterkey Team

Are you RERA ready?

The Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has made it mandatory for tenants and landlords to register tenancy contracts online from January 1, 2009, to assist with the development of a comprehensive rental index to better evaluate and regulate the market. As part of this initiative, RERA requires every landlord and property management company to registe tenancy contracts through its new online portal called Ejari.   Masterkey has integrated with RERA to provide added efficiency and clarity to the process, making it easier for you.   Visit us here ( to learn more about the new RERA initiative and how Masterkey can help save you time and money with the process.   Best Regards,   The Masterkey Team

The invasion of property listing websites in Dubai

There are few things faster than the construction of property in Dubai, but the wave of property listing websites in Dubai are definitely keeping up with the pace. Some are brilliantly designed, some are not. Some have current listings, others do not. So, which ones do you go for? To achieve the maximum exposure in a over-served market; all of them… right?   Wrong, and here’s why. As a broker, you’re serving two sets of clients. The Sellers and The Buyers.   The Seller’s point of view: The Seller wants to sell his property quickly and at a price that either makes him a good premium or allows for him to offload the unit quickly. When choosing a broker, a common question to ask is where you’ll be advertising his property. If you say ‘everywhere’ that’ll please him immensely, and all is well. In most cases, whether we like it or not, the Seller will also go to other real estate brokers, repeat the same action and the property will get listed as a duplicate on the listing sites. No problem for him, but a problem for you as you’re now competing with the other companies for the same listing, and a few dirhams out of pocket for the listing cost.   The Buyer’s point of view: On the other hand, you’ve got the internet buyer, lets call him Joe. I’ve been in Joe’s shoes and it’s a frustrating experience. Joe naturally does a Google search on available property, sifts through many of the top real estate companies, and eventually EUREKA! Joe finds the if-its-in-Dubai-its-on-our-listing-site listings site. They have every company Joe’s just been looking through (except maybe a select few brokers), 1,000s of listings which allows Joe to compare like for like and get a good idea on pricing.   So poor old Joe starts calling the listings, and here’s where it breaks down.   1st listing: No, we don’t have anything in Dubai Marina. 2nd listing: No, that property is not available. 3rd listing: Yes, of course we have something, just give us your name, number and we’ll spam… I mean… get back to you after 45 mins of Joe calling, speaking to people who seem to know nothing, he leaves that site, never to return again. Even, if by chance, he finds a property the entire experience was so frustrating that he will likely never go back to that website. From that point onwards you’re either wasting your money by listing on that website, or wasting your time trying to keep your listings up to date.   So why bother with these listings sites? A good listing site provides you with the tools to effectively showcase your properties, and gives buyers the tools to efficently search for a property. Why affiliate your companies with websites that do not deliver these simple advantages? Think quality, not quantity. If you want to find a good listings site, ask them a few simple questions.   1. Are your listings are constantly up to date? How? 2. Do properties disappear after a set date? Show me. 3. When I make a sale does it come off your listings immediately? How? 4. Do the market leaders list on your site? Who?   In my book, a no to any of these answers, or worse, a yes without the proof, means you should think twice before listing with them.

Welcome to the MasterKey blog

The MasterKey blog is a place where MasterKey developers, users, agents, managers and directors come all together to discuss all things MasterKey. We’ll keep you updated on what’s new in the software, pass along information as it happens and give you glimpses of our new MasterKey Beta that is under development. You’ll be able to post your comments the changes we’ve made, and let us know what we’re doing right or wrong. This blog has one purpose: To listen to needs of you, our users.

We’ve changed our telephone and fax numbers

Please be advised that we have officially changed our telephone and fax numbers effective 28th of January, 2009. Please change our contact information to the following:   +971 (4) 398 9739 (main office line)   +971 (4) 398 9729 (fax)   Kindly update our contact information and we look forward to serving you as usual with our new numbers.   Please contact us at support(at)gomasterkey(dot)com with regards to any support or technical issues and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.   For all other inquires please email us at info(at)gomasterkey(dot)com. Sincerely, The Masterkey Team

Masterkey is moving!

With our business growing the need is arising for us to provide you with better, higher service levels please be informed that we will be relocating our offices to the following location:   Masterkey Nashwan Building Mankhool Road Bur Dubai Dubai, UAE   Contact Details:   P.O. Box 333415, Dubai, UAE Tel : 04 338 6705 Fax : 04 338 6705   Please be assured that we are working as quickly as possible to complete our move to the new location. We do ask for your continued patience during the process. If during the next few days you have difficulty reaching us by phone or fax, please contact us by email and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.   Please note we will be officially present at our new office beginning Sunday 25th January 2009, we will maintain our current phone numbers and email addresses so you may contact us as usual. We appreciate and look forward to your continued support.   Sincerely,   The Masterkey Team

Lower Your Cost Per Lead with Portals Worldwide

In the current market everyone is focused on cutting costs. Can Masterkey help? Is it a worthwhile investment during these tight times? Yes. Masterkey is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing market dynamics and business needs. At Masterkey we are dedicated to helping our clients adapt to new conditions with new features that impact different areas of business. One very exciting and powerful new feature I’d like to talk about will help reduce advertising costs, lower your cost per lead and save you a lot of time and effort. Masterkey has partnered with leading regional and international property portals such as , , in order to provide our clients with the ability to advertise on different portals directly through Masterkey. This not only provides our clients with cost effective advertising, broader reach and increased visibility, but eliminates the tedious process of reentering information on each portal. Once you have entered property details into Masterkey, we complete the process of posting your property details onto various different partner portals instantly. All with the click of a button. Many of our existing clients are advertising on various partner portals and have drastically cut their cost per lead to nearly 20 AED. If you aren’t advertising on the web, you are missing one of the most effective and efficient ways to promote your property. We are constantly working to expand our network of portal partners for which our clients can link up to directly through Masterkey. The following portals have joined our portal partner program this month. has thousands of properties available in Dubai and throughout the UAE from over 200 leading real estate agents. With thousands of visitors every day, free listing service for propety agents and high Google ranking is a leading regional portal. For more information on their services please contact: Jason Sen +34630159196, is a full service Real Estate portal offering a complete range of property solutions in the United Arab Emirates. Whether you are an end-user, agent, investor or are simply looking for information, Aim 168 Real Estate is an all-inclusive gateway to residential, country, commercial and industrial properties in the UAE. Whether you are planning to buy directly from developers or looking to trade in the secondary market, they provide options from all corners. With such a comprehensive service on offer, no other portal matches their breadth of coverage across Dubai and other emirates. For more information on their services please contact: Mehdi Zaheer Portal Account Executive + 971503532508 provides comprehensive listing for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah. You will find properties and projects for sale, rent, resale, and even holiday villa rental. For more information on their services please contact Paul Jones Portal Sales Consultant +44(0) 845 6860 340       We are constantly striving to expand our network of portal partners. In order to do that, we rely heavily on our clients to refer to us the portals they are interested in listing with. Please please email us the names of any portals you are currently listing with or wish to partner with in the future to partners(at)gomasterkey(dot)com. Or, for more information on how Masterkey can help your business contact us at info(at)gomasterkey(dot)com.   Best Regards, The Masterkey Team

Why does my login screen look different?

Why does my login screen look different?As you may have noticed, we’ve just rolled out our updated login screen for Masterkey Version 3 inline with the updates and improvements made to the Masterkey 4.0 login.  We’ve including our new logo and the “Recent updates” section. Take a look at old vs. new. The Old Login The New Login Screen … and the new Masterkey 4.0 Where do the recent updates come from? This comes directly from our blog located at With the new login screen you’ll see news as it happens and be able to read any tricks or tips when we post them. What is this ‘Subscribe to RSS’ link? This allows you to keep updated on news if you use a RSS feed reader such as Google Reader or even the built in RSS readers in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Let us know what you think! Daniel Hart Director of Business Development  

Do More and Save Money with Automated SMS Messaging from Masterkey

Using Masterkey Automatic SMS Messaging to Optimize Your Business With the proliferation of mobile phones and SMS usage in the Middle East, SMS has become a major part of the real estate business community. Masterkey’s Automatic SMS Messaging feature provides a great channel of communication within your organization, to individual clients, and to spread marketing messages to a larger audience. So much time throughout the day is wasted on inefficient practices and tedious office work related to Consumer Relationship Management and communications. Masterkey helps by improving communications with customers and enhancing their overall experience. Masterkey provides you with the foremost SMS messaging solution at an affordable and foreseeable cost. What does that mean for you? Higher productivity Lower operating costs 100% reliable communications Improved customer experience How does it work? Masterkey provides an automated SMS facility, capable of sending messages at pre-scheduled times. For example an SMS message will be sent to a client and an assigned agent as soon as a lead registers at your call center. The SMS to the client will read “Thank you for choosing (your company’s name here), our property consultant (Agent’s name here + contact number) will be contacting you shortly. Your Reference Number is: 34567.” The SMS to the agent will read “F.Y.I (Client’s Name + Contact Number), requires an apartment to rent-out (or buy or sell). Your Client Ref Number is: 34567.” How does it apply to my business? Masterkey can also customize your SMS messages and send them to specific clients to more narrowly communicate a specialized message for a variety of purposes. Customized marketing messages Targeted sales promotions Reminders Alerts Follow ups Much, much, more Automatic SMS Messaging is just of the many features Masterkey has to help you run your company more efficiently. Stay tuned for future blogs on other features that matter to you. Best Regards. The Masterkey Team