Masterkey launches its Open House

Masterkey launches its Open HouseMasterkey recently launched a monthly “Open House” event at our office, literally opening the doors to our clients for an informal and casual Q & A session. Compliments, concerns, praise, criticism… All feedback is welcome at this open forum. Hosted by Masterkey senior management, the event will take place on the last Thursday of every month. The first installment of the Open House was proved successful, as attendees shared their experiences with Masterkey. We talked about what they appreciated most, where we could do better, and even noted down a few feature suggestions. We think everyone had a great time, but maybe that was just because of the strong coffee and tasty snacks. The next Open House is scheduled for March 26th in our office. We hope to see you there!  

Masterkey 3-day Training

Masterkey Fundamentals Know the basics of using Masterkey.  This seminar will let you learn the basic functionalities of Masterkey which includes adding a new lead, updating contact information, publishing on web portals, changing the unit status from available to sold/leased, etc.  The instructor will also give different scenarios that you may encounter while using the system and how to manage them effectively.       Join for a productive start or quick refresh.   Date:   February 16 & 17, 2015 (Mon-Tue) Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on both days Cost: AED 250 per user (includes Fundamentals Certificate) Venue: Conference Room, 1st Floor, Ubora Office Tower, Business Bay Masterkey Advanced Training for System Administrators Further your knowledge of specific topics in Masterkey. This is for users who already have the Masterkey Fundamentals Certification and want to know more about user roles and permissions, customizing communication templates, and reporting.   Get the additional training that can enhance and maximize your full Masterkey experience.    Date:    February 18, 2015 (Wed) Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Cost: FREE for Masterkey Fundamentals Certified users Venue: Conference Room, 1st Floor, Ubora Office Tower, Business Bay   Contact your account manager at +971 4 425 7733 or email to book your spot.      ABOUT THE TRAINER Abbas Ali is the Support and Training Manager and resident trainer at Masterkey.  A seasoned IT professional and effective communicator, Abbas is a highly accomplished and results oriented leader with over 10 solid years of experience in information technology consulting, product/project management, customer relationship management and business analysis.     Abbas has been one of the catalysts in feature development initiatives in Masterkey from the time he joined in 2008.  

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!From the Masterkey Team, we wish you a wonderful new year filled with abundance, joy, and treasured moments. May this year be your best year yet!

Release Notes (Q4 2014)

Version (14/12/2014) You can now add documents related to maintenance contract on the Maintenance contract file. We can now configure passport expiry date to be mandatory when doing a lease. We now have the ability to build feature per group to do a batch-run for statement of account for full property. Improvements in the email integration functionality. Several general improvements, requests and bug fixes.   Version (30/11/2014) You can now set SMS or Email reminders on due invoices through transaction file. You can now create Ejari contract in pending status from inside Masterkey. You can now select the date of termination when terminating a contract inside from Masterkey to reflect it as a termination date on the contract. Several small enhancements and bug fixes.   Version (02/11/2014) We now have a functional web-service for STR which we can connect with the online booking portals. You can now add images in the contract by using contract template builder. A few updates in Power Morning Reports. Customer complaints and small improvements.   Version (19/10/2014) Updates to the power mornings project. You now have the ability to define due invoice reminders (per group) by using back-end support. Email 2 is now available in the field selection list. Image title's check is now removed from the company webservice which will allow groups to show their images on the web without selecting the marketing title. General complaints along with small enhancements.   Version (02/10/2014) Power morning project (upgrades to lead sidebar report), through which the agents and managers can see which leads have gone over the maximum time for being un-contacted.   The build was focused to include customer requests/complaints and small enhancements.

Release Notes (Q3 2014)

Version (07/09/2014) Combine EMLS data into portal feed. Policy for Notice Days for Renewals has been added. General Bugs/Complaints and Improvements.   Version (24/08/2014) When manually typing the receipt number, the system will now check to see the duplicate. Feature files have been added on Contacts and Leads. Lead Zone performance enhancement. Fixes on workflows. Bug fixes and several small enhancements.   Version (10/08/2014) Few enhancements and corrections for the workflow project and GP Integration.  General improvements and DB updates.   Version (27/07/2014) Enhancement in Activities (Viewing) for Units. Users can now search for units that are either published or not published for any or all web portals. Activities notifications and improvements on workflows. Complaints and minor improvements.   Enhancements to tenant communication / mass email.   Version (13/07/2014) Improvements for activity zone including speed optimization. General Improvements for account's integration and workflow templates. The build was more focused to include mostly complaints received from all customers along with some minor improvements for property management.

Happy National Day U.A.E!

Happy National Day U.A.E!It has been 43 years since the U.A.E was formed and what a massive transformation it has been through. With our main office in Dubai, we've been operating out of this country for over 10 years. We would like to take this opportunity to wish every citizen and the resident of the country a very happy 43rd National Day!

Join Us @ the Real Estate Brokers Summit During Cityscape Global 2014

Join Us @ the Real Estate Brokers Summit During Cityscape Global 2014  Masterkey will be participating this year during Cityscape Global as the associate sponsor of the Real Estate Brokers Summit.    On September 22 at 11:40 am, Daniel Hart, Masterkey’s Chief Executive Officer, will be speaking about The Integrated Enterprise, and how creating a comprehensive, consolidated information platform is essential for running a smooth real estate brokerage operation.    In today’s market, maximising your time is the key to your success, and real estate brokers need to be able to effectively and efficiently manage their network of clients, agents and property listings all on one platform.  The presentation will be covering portfolio management, lease administration, project, asset, energy and facility management.    During this session, we will also illustrate all the possible integrations that can happen under one software, including integrations with governmental systems such as EJARI, and how it is possible to create a solution designed to make everything easier and far more intuitive for everyone.    Don’t miss our presentation! We promise it will be interesting, fun and nothing nearly boring! Join us at on September 22, at 11:40 am. See you there!

Introducing our brand new feature: Workflow

Introducing our brand new feature: Workflow    For almost as long as Masterkey has been around you’ve had the ability to manage “Activities”. This allowed you to create and manage tasks either for yourself or for your colleagues within your real estate business. Instead of using an external task management tool, activities could be assigned to your team as needed, directly from inside Masterkey.   Workflow is the ultimate refinement of activities within Masterkey. You can now map out your internal steps that are needed for different processes, for example for every time you're listing a unit or every time there’s a transaction.   Let’s assume a new listing comes to your agency. Next, a team needs to go onsite, inspect the unit and take pictures. Later, another team needs to double check and publish the listing online. Then another set of steps need to be taken when a tenant or a buyer comes. A number of documents need to be collected from the landlord/owner and from the tenant/buyer. Not to mention, the sequence of activities are as important as the actual transaction to make sure everything is done smoothly. (So many things to do and documents to submit by different people!)       In summary, to list, inspect, publish and complete the transaction of a unit, there is a sequence of tasks that need to be done, requiring the collaboration of different departments and different persons along the way.   Workflows allow your team to automate the creation of these processes and activities, and you can manage the overall operation. You can now define different lists of activities for different types of jobs, where at each stage, one individual or group will be responsible for the completion of a specific task. Once a task is completed, Masterkey will notify the next responsible group or individual to execute their stage of the process.  The notifications for newly assigned tasks play the key role in the smooth running of the defined workflow.   It will save your team the headache of finding tasks amongst the hundreds of emails received a day, and you can stop noting down things you have to do on stickies and to-do lists! By automating your workflow, you have one streamlined mode of communication, and one common dashboard where all your incoming and outgoing requests are placed, along with details about which stage in the business process they are at.   Want to start using Workflows? Go the help section here to learn how: How to: Create Workflows How to: Insert a Workflow on an object How to: View the status of the Workflow Otherwise we’re always available to help you train and implement this inside your company!  

Masterkey. A single point of truth.

Masterkey. A single point of truth.  As companies grow in scale and operations, the need for a central system connecting different teams, processes and software becomes more important. Large organizations need to run all operations in sync with each other, and to eliminate inefficiencies caused by transferring data between systems manually.    At Masterkey, we’ve experienced this trend with a lot of our larger customers (and some smaller ones too) who operate multiple concurrent systems to manage their real estate business.    A commonly seen example is a property manager using an accounting system to manage profit and loss reports for his numerous landlords. Masterkey handles the listing, marketing, lease and transaction processes seamlessly: a rent schedule is printed, the cheques are collected and stored, and an Ejari contract is printed and signed. All within the Masterkey system.   At this point, the cheques are physically handed over to the accounts team, which keys them one by one into their accounts software (so much data entry!). Not only that, when they are banked, the accounts team notifies (so many emails!) the front-office staff so that they can update the cheque status inside Masterkey (so much more data entry!). If a cheque bounces, accounts will notify front-office (who by this time are drowning in emails notifying them of each cheque and scurrying to update the individual status inside Masterkey!) and they will have to ask the tenant to deposit a new cheque, only for the cycle to repeat itself.   Imagine if you could eliminate all of the manual data entry and painfully large email exchange. Imagine if your accounting system and your CRM system could ‘speak’ and let each other know automatically when payments are due, when they clear out and when they bounce… Just imagine.   Masterkey is built to connect to a host of external systems. These can include everyday accounting systems for small companies (Xero, Sage, Peachtree, Tally and the like), all the way up to enterprise systems (Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Oracle Financials and the like), and most things in between (IP Phone and call center systems, Human Resource, Facility Management, custom websites, kiosks and self-serve portals).   We do this via an intricate and extensive api layer that helps Masterkey connect with external systems in a completely secure and robust way. Data flows are seamless, and you control how often you want updates, and in which direction.   Speak to one of our consultants today for a free evaluation of your internal systems and how we can make your processes happy and joyous!

Release Notes (Q2 2014)

Version (15/06/2014) New Columns to show Renewal Notices sent date and status have been added on sidebar. Edit Permissions have been included on top of Portfolio access for Unit Records. General Complaints and Improvements.   Version (01/06/2014) New: We now have an ability to send email notifications to a tenant/buyer when a cheque has bounced. New: We now have the ability to send renewal notices from the upcoming renewals sidebar report. General complaints and improvements.   Version (18/05/2014) New: You can now replace an existing cheque with the new cheque without having to mark the old cheque as bounced. (Swap Cheque). New: You can now copy the work order communication to multiple users through portfolio and property files.  New: We now have the activity predecessor feature on portfolio. New: You can now add custom fields on work order file. You're now able to sort portfolios by 'date added' which will give you the all important ability of seeing which portfolio has been added recently. Improvements to work order file to make it more simpler and easier to use. The entered user will now have the access on that portfolio when entering a new portfolio.   Version (04/05/2014) New: You now have the ability to define standard templates for marketing descriptions. This will help in maintaining the consistency of marketing description used for publishing units on websites and portals. New: We now have a new display for Ejari Errors with custom messages along with the ability to send the errors directly to Ejari team. Small property management changes and bug fixes.   Version (20/04/2014)  New: You can now batch upload units in property management module directly. You can now replace a receipt that is linked with multiple invoices. We can now set the vacating date (the date upon which the unit automatically changes from upcoming to available per group. You can add Bank account details on listing a portfolio. You can now group update marketing agent. You can now save activities on a unit file without saving the unit file. Many small changes in Property management module along with bug fixes for all modules. Version (24/03/2014) New: Using group update you can now increase the rent amount by percentage. New: You can now print and email the schedule of due payments for a lease transaction that can be printed and given to a tenant. You can now view portfolio details from the unit file. Several bug fixes and small enhancements. Version (09/03/2014) New: You can now update DM services through group update tool. New: Activity category and activity type are both now show in a same drop down to save time when adding activities. Email address is now made non mandatory when adding a new contact through mobile site. Customer complaints and small enhancements to improve the efficiency of the system.    Version (23/02/2014) New: You can now select marketing agent to advertise the unit without effecting the listing agent and commission. New: You can now do renewals in Ejari from Masterkey. Minor corrections for new navigation, general account's integration and for property management module. Several enhancements and bug fixes.   Version (9/02/2014) New: You can add remarks on the unit files through group update. New: Contract rent amount field is now editable in transaction file. Speed optimization for the work order file. Improvements to Arabic version. Several small enhancements for property management. Bugs fixes and database requests.    Version (26/01/2014) New: Images/documents can now be stored on Azure data storage. New: You can group update listing agent in any status. New: Contract rent amount is now editable on the transaction file. Locations will pre-populate when you add a property from the Unit. Several other bug fixes and updates.    Version (12/01/2014) New: We now have the ability to show or hide fields on Add contact sidebar panel as per the group. Several small enhancements in the system. The build was more focused to include mostly complaints received from all customers along with some minor improvements for property management.   Version (29/12/2013) Ejari: You can now renew the Ejari tenancy contract inside from Masterkey. New: "Registration of Interest" page is now available which will help any customer in thier launching activities.  The build was more focused to include mostly complaints received from all corners along with some minor improvements for property management, New Navigation and Report Builder.    Version (15/12/2013) You can now select the reason for bounced bheque. The drop down is parameterized to ensure standard reasons are fed. You can now select payment mode while replacing the bounced cheque.  New Navigation has been enabled for all groups. We can now update Ejari integration from the service URL anytime from a variable in the configuration file without making any change in the code. In Payment History you can now check the details of replaced receipts via link.  History paging issue has been fixed for Payments History. Map saving error on property files has been rectified. Several other bug fixes and DB updates.   Version  (01/12/2013) New: Payment Upgrades (Bounce Cheque functionality) has been released to all customers. New: You can now generate, print and view tenancy contract details (Ejari) from Masterkey. New: You can now attach documents in work order and portfolio file by using the new document's tab in work order and portfolio file. New: You can now group update images in property management. New: You can now communicate tenants and landlords as per listing agent and portfolio manager by using Mass Email Communication tool. Many small upgrades for property management module. Several bug fixes and DB updates.   Version (17/11/2013) Enhancements in Report Builder functionality. Minor corrections in new navigation. We can now control the user access on Ejari's Tab. Several small enhancements and bug fixes.    Version (03/11/2013) Ejari Integration: You can now generate Ejari tenancy contract from Masterkey. You now search leased and reserved units from unit zone(STR). Minor improvements in work order SMS functionality. Several enhancements and small bug fixes.   Version (20/10/2013)  New: Add tenancy contract for Ejari is now available group 1825. Improvements in report builder. You can now create reports for contacts with and without leads. Several complaints and small enhancements.   Version (06/10/2013) New: New navigation has now been lived for all customers. New: The login page has been polished up and made responsive. New: You can now customize the SMS for Buyer and Tenant through communication tool. New: An upgrade to auto correspondence, allowing you to customize SMS templates for work order notifications. Updates to bounce cheque functionality. Several small enhancements and bug fixes.   Version (22/09/2103) New: You now have a status on contract builder which will give the companies the ability to generate mail-merge templates for units in any status. Improvements to property management module. Improvements to short term rental module. Upgrades to bounce cheque functionality. Ejari upgrades. Several database requests and bug fixes.    Version (08/09/2013) Ejari Integration phase 1 including activation/viewing and termination of tenancy contract is now been available on the testing server. You can now add custom fields in the reference detail tab of transaction file (Account's Module). New UI changes on transaction wizard as a part of bounce cheque functionality.  Several bug fixes and small enhancements.   Version (25/08/2013) New: You can now search with receipt number in account's module. A new place holder to restrict features on the unit card has been introduced. Small improvements for property management module. Improvements to security upgrades, new add lead, bounce cheque and report builder tool.  General bug fixes and enhancements to improve the efficiency of the system.   Version (12/08/2013) New: Data security upgrade: You can now set your users to be able to view/Hide unit numbers for other listings. New: You can now set Mandatory payments with receipts at the time of transaction (Leased or Sold) Improvements in new add activity and lead, contact look up and report builder. Small enhancements and several bug fixes.   Version (29/07/2013) New: We've made a few upgrades that both improve data security and to provide you with better support.  New: Responsive email template is now available for all customers. You can now track system usage per user and group through Google analytics. Listing Agent is now available as column in the smart side bar reports for property management. Improvements in new add activity and lead, contact look up and report builder. Small enhancements and several bug fixes.    Version (14/07/2013) Mobile unit card templates have now been pushed testing servers for final testing. Direct marketing option is now available in batch upload tool. You can now add bank account information of landlord on the portfolio. Small fixes and several enhancements.