How Masterkey evolved over the years

How Masterkey evolved over the yearsRemember how Google looked when it first launched? Yeah, we were better.   2001 - 2002: V1 of MasterkeyIf you’ve seen this design before it means you were in real estate before freehold property existed in Dubai. You should be a millionaire... or be an employee of Masterkey.   2002 - 2007: Feeling Blue?Pablo Picasso isn’t the only one to have had a Blue Period.   2007 - 2009: Gradients Galore!Rounded edges, gradient backgrounds, jewel-like tick boxes… this interface had an image for every pixel.   2009 - 2013: The MinimalistWe went flat before flat was in fashion. That’s right, we set the trend back in 2009. No... it had nothing to do with removing all images to speed up the application on slow connections.   2013 - Now: The RefinedMasterkey Evolved. To be unveiled on 6th Oct 2013, so stay tuned!

Hide unit number or mandate payments?

While still actively working on some of our bigger projects (in particular, improved navigation and report builder) we’ve just sneaked in two new features we’ve been working on. The first one we’re calling Hide Unit Number which, you guessed it, allows you to hide the Unit Number from other Agents. The second new feature is called Mandatory Payments. Here’s how they work Hide Unit Number - is an option to hide the Unit Number when viewing a Unit, searching in the Unit Zone or running reports, so only the Listing Agent can see it. We’ve seen this works well in some companies and can help improve trust in the system and encourage agents to post more Units. Knowledgebase: How to hide Unit Numbers between agents Mandatory Payments - allows you to set selected fields as “required” for a reservation. For example, you may want to require to input the Rental Payment when reserving a Unit. If the Rental Payment is not entered, you will not be able to complete the reservation. Knowledgebase: How to set mandatory payments

New responsive email template for mobile devices!

New responsive email template for mobile devices!Have you ever viewed a unit card on your mobile phone? Did you have to zoom in to read the text? We’ve release a new unit card template that is optimized for mobile and automatically resizes based on the mobile device you’re viewing it from. Mobile-ready unit cards are going to be one of the most effective marketing tools available to you.   Available now for everyone We've now enabled this for all users. You can find this templete in Masterkey under the name "Mobile Unit Card". Open the Unit File, and simply click on Send Unit > Mobile Unit Card

Release Notes (Q2 2013)

Version (30/06/2013) Support Access upgrades have now been lived for beta testers. We now have a customization frame work to control the visibility and mandatory of fields per group in contact and lead files. Small enhancements in new add lead panel. Major improvements in report builder functionality. Improvements to new add activity panel. Bug fixes and minor enhancements to improve the speed efficiency of the system.   Version (16/06/2013) New: You can now control the access of any user on switching ON/OFF rotation. New: Automatic Rent Calculation is now available for leasing and property management. Smart Sidebar: Portfolio name and Portfolio Manager are now available in the column selection list for property management. You can now search portfolios based on listing agent of the unit. Add lead (Beta): Action field is now available in the new add lead panel and several small enhancements. Improvements based on customer feedback in the new add activity side panel. Several bug fixes and small enhancements.   Version (02/06/2013) New: You can now restore back the status of a leased unit if it is reserved or set upcoming for a short period of time.(Beta) New: Matches are now available for the countries that do not use rent per year budgets. Corrections have been made in the activity email notification. Corrections have been made in "Support Access Upgrades" to improve the usability and security level of data. (Beta). Several improvements to the new Add Activity, Add lead and Report Builder tool. Bug fixes and small enhancements.   Version (19/05/2013) New: The contact files are now checking duplicates for all number fields where mobile is selected. Contact look up is faster. Location auto complete is now becomes more faster. Small improvements have been done to make the application compatible with IE 10. You can now select "Rotation List" and "Show All" for referred to list on lead side panel. Small enchantments and several bug fixes.   Version (06/05/2013) New: Refresh link is now available in unit files to quickly search landlord/Seller. Upgrades to contact look up. Upgrades to smart side bar report. Small enhancements to Add activity and Add lead side panels. Several bug fixes.   Version (21/04/2013) Improvements to the add lead panel. Improvements to the add activity panel. Small fixes on report builder. A new field has been added on the sold unit summary report labeled "Leased". Leads added during transaction are now showing up on mailing list. Several bug fixes and small enhancements.   Version (07/04/2013) Modifications in Add Lead and Add Activity. Contact Look up and Add contact option is now centralized. New columns have been added in the listing magazine report. Small enhancements in the smart sidebar reports for split modules. Bug fixes and minor enhancements to improve the speed efficiency of the system.   Version (10/03/2013) Now you can track the change made to a unit along with its appropriate module through transaction history of unit. The smart sidebar is now further optimized. Gmail/Exchange integration has now been optimized. Minor changes to the Smart Sidebar functionality. Several bug fixes and small enhancements.

Save time by having the Contract Rent calculated for you!

Great news for Leasing Agents and Property Managers. Automatic rent calculation is now available via Contract Rent - a new field which calculates the total rent, in the case that Contact Term is less or more than a year. This will be very useful especially in the following scenarios:   Short term extension of the Contract   The Tenant’s one year contract just expired, but the he wants to extend it with another three months. Previously, you would have to change the Annual Rent field to reflects this extension, which is not be best way to deal with this, as it will impact your reporting and unit status.    Solution: By using the Contract Rent field, you can renew the lease for another three months without changing any numbers. Simply set the new Lease End Date and the rent due with the extension will be calculated automatically.   Contract spanning multiple years   For example, if you’re creating a New Lease over two years with the Annual Rent of 120,000, you would previously have to change the Annual Rent field to reflect the total amount of rent due over two years (240,000) to be able to arrange payments over the period.   Solution: Now you can keep Annual Rent the same, as Contract Rent will automatically calculated to show 240,000 as the total rent owed over the term.

New: Restore Previous Status for Leased Units

New: Restore Previous Status for Leased UnitsWe’ve introduced a new feature that will help you in case a Tenant changes mind about renewing a lease. Two scenarios apply to in this situation: Tenant sends a notice of non-renewal of the lease, you change the status of the Unit to ‘Upcoming”, and then Tenant changes mind and decides to renew the lease anyway. Tenant agrees to renew the lease, you change the status of the Unit to ‘Renew reserve’, and then Tenant changes mind and decides not to renew the lease anyway. To proceed in these two situations, you previously had to go through several transaction steps before you could arrive at the desired Unit status. We’ve now added a new feature for these situations, so that you can restore the previous status of the leased Unit with just one click. Where do I find this feature? It made sense to place this button in the Unit history, because you want to go back to the last status in the Unit history.   1)History button  2)Restore previous status button  3)Current status:Reserved  4)Previous status:Leased How do I get this feature? The button is controlled by your User policy, so you need your System Admin / Manager to give you access first. Once enabled, this button is will only show for: Units which have been converted from ‘Leased’ to ‘Upcoming”.  Units which have been converted from ‘Leased’ to ‘Renew Reserve’. What do I need to know before doing this? The unit will be restored in the previous lease status with all the transaction details attached including Tenant details, contract, payments, receipts and invoices. Payments will be restored with the same payment status i.e. Paid or Unpaid. A new entry will be added to the Unit history about restoring previous status.  There will be no changes on the Landlord Lead when you set the Unit status as ‘Upcoming’ or ‘Renew reserve’. After restoring the previous status, the Unit will show the Tenant and Landlord Leads in closed status as it was closed due to the transaction.  

Emerging signs of uptick from the Abu Dhabi property market

The Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) in Abu Dhabi recently announced the release of plots on two major districts in the Saadiyat Island. The Marina District will host New York University Abu Dhabi next year and the plan for the surrounding plots includes a range of investment opportunities such as retail outlets, commercial and residential projects. The Beach District also had plots released in the sb17 cluster for residential use. This signals a very welcome uptick in demand for Abu Dhabi real estate. Ahmed Al Fahim, the executive director of marketing, communications, sales and leasing at the company, said “We have seen that there's been a significant improvement in Abu Dhabi's real estate market, which has brought back confidence to the investment sector”. Masterkey is proud to support TDIC with Sales / Leasing Management software and Developer Masterplans for the Saadiyat Island, making it possible to handle a growing number of transactions in the near future. Source: The National

Now Buy / Sell properties on The Moon!

Now Buy / Sell properties on The Moon![UPDATED April 2, 2013: April Fools' ]As the demand for hot (figuratively) lunar properties soar, we’ve experienced a big increase in transactions related to lunar projects. Some of our customers started selling plots and properties in the Southern Hemisphere towards the end of last year. Projects like CraterView Villas, Apollo Land Residenze and the much hyped master development White Dust Marina are especially getting a lot of buzz. Even the planned Full Moon Resort & Golf Course is getting major investor attention because of its unique characteristics - It’s full moon all year round. The course features a very unique design with its Par 72, 21,500 yard Championship layout. As Project Sales Manager, Majid Sewrani explains: “With low gravity you can easily hit 750 yards and feel like the king of the world, or you know what I mean, but the really fun part is high-jumping your way to your next shot.” Developers offering major incentives You thought giving away luxury cars and yachts were big incentives to purchase top tier properties on Earth? Developers are set to offer 3-person spacecrafts for buyers of Lunar Circle Villas. “What do you need a Lamborghini for, does it fly? No, this is what a good added-incentive should be like” says broker Melroy Lauritz, SpaceTipi Homes. Lunar properties in Masterkey We’ve extensively relied on Google Maps for our location structure in numerous countries around the world, so it’s only natural that we continue implementing Google’s mapping service by utilizing Google Moon for all lunar properties. Masterkey is the only Multiple Listing System that is active on The Moon helping its customers complete high-margin transactions today. Share your requirements We’ve already setup a Connect Group ( for the task, so you can start sharing your listings or requirements and connect with other agents from the community, who are also working with lunar properties.   Take advantage of this opportunity and get some deals done!

Release Notes (Q1 2013)

Version (24/02/2013) New: Auto-complete is now available for unit card sender based on your contacts. New: You can now view international properties from the unit zone through a single page. Improvements on the Smart sidebar and new contact look up. Small enhancements and several bug fixes. Major enhancements in order to improve the speed and efficiency of the system.   Version (10/02/2013) New: Contact Look-up is now available on all Transaction Wizards. The counters on the Smart Sidebar updates automatically When a new Lead comes in from the Website. Several changes and improvements on the Smart sidebar and new contact look up. Small enhancements and several bug fixes.   Version (27/01/2013) New: SMS Notifications for all Masterkey users are now Free Of Charge. Final set of reports for Smart Sidebar has gone live which includes Shared leads, Expired Leases and Open Work Orders. You can now restrict or allow your users to edit or cancel receipts. Corrections have been made in SMS's to Agents and Customers (warnings and logic). This is to remove some of the confusion around SMS credits and SMS's that go out from Masterkey. All new groups would now have marketing module regardless of whether they're professional or premium. Small enhancements and several bug fixes   Version (13/01/2013) New: Masterkey Basic is now available. New: New add contact with mandatory field settings is now available. Several changes and improvements on the Smart sidebar reports. Small enhancements and several bug fixes.  

Release Notes (Q4 2012)

Version (30/12/2012) New: You can now control "Send SMS" to customers through auto correspondence settings, on entering a new lead. New: You are now able to set the paid date, when marking a payment as paid. Additional Columns have been added in the receipt invoice report. Support users can now change the company name from master group. Final touches to the Smart Sidebar. Small enhancements on contact look up and Add contact. Several bug fixes and general enhancements.   Version (16/12/2012) New: In order to make the process of adding contact as fast as possible, in the existing ‘Add new’ menus across all zones, contact has now been changed to show the Add contact Panel. Major updates to Smart Sidebar. Draft (Hidden Policy) is now available on the front end side for all premium Groups. Cancellation of image uploading has now been optimized. Small enhancements in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the system and several bug fixes.   Version (02/12/2012) New: 10+ new reports have been added in smart sidebar. New: On transaction related reports of smart sidebar, we’ve hidden the buyer name from the listing agent and hidden the landlord name from the buyer agent. New: We've changed “New Units” report to include new units from the ‘last 2 days’ to the ‘last 30 days’. New: Each smart sidebar has a hint at the top. This helps first time users know what the report shows and what a user needs to do. New: You can now click on the "Unread button" at the top of every report on the smart sidebar to view only the unread items. Small enhancements in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the system and several bug fixes.   Version (04/11/2012) New: Sidebar is now ready with the most useful reports. We now have the control to allow companies and users to use it, in order to get the maximum feedback.  When viewing a lead directly from sidebar, you can now also view the contact information.  Small enhancements in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the system. Several bug fixes.   Version (04/11/2012) New: Agent's email and SMS functionality has now been activated on transferring lead. New reports from the old sidebar have now been added in the new side bar project for internal testing. Small enhancements in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the system. Several bug fixes and small enhancements.   Version (21/10/2012) New: Masterkey Basic Version. New: System Alert : Design changes have been implemented and has been placed on top right. New: The new activity email notifications are now activated in the system. Small corrections in mature cheque report. Several bug fixes and small enhancements.   Version (07/10/2012) Optimization has now been done in the maintenance contract zone to make it perform consistently with the rest of the application. VIP and Black listed client options have now been available in advance search. Marketing title field is now included in advance search (Field Selection). Minor fixes in report builder tour. Small enhancements and several bug fixes.