Growing community: February edition

Growing community: February editionThis month we have companies from Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emirates join our community. Help us welcome LS Keep Moving, L.Y.M Real Estate, IS Real Estate, Naseej and Castles Plaza by finding out how you can join forces to close deals! LS Keep Moving Brokerage Qatar L.Y.M Real Estate Brokers Brokerage United Arab Emirates IS Real Estate Brokers Brokerage United Arab Emirates Naseej Developer Bahrain Castles Plaza Brokerage United Arab Emirates

Open Masterkey in multiple windows?

Open Masterkey in multiple windows?One of the most requested features at the Q&A Sessions was the ability to open multiple windows in Masterkey. I want to share a trick with you that enables just that. For example, when you want to open Contact Zone, right-click on the menu item and then click on 'Open in a new tab'. This will open the Contact Zone in a new tab and you can open as many tabs as you like. By switching between the different tabs, you can now access multiple Zones at once. The only thing you cannot open in tabs are the Unit Files and Contact Files. However the idea to have multiple Unit FIles and Contact Files is already submitted by Jaideep Khemani - vote for it by visiting our Feedback Forum.

Interview with Ghassan Ghellal: A network of agents

Interview with Ghassan Ghellal: A network of agentsGokhan Polat interviewed Ghassan Ghellal who is the Business Development Manager at Halcon Real Estate. How would you describe the successful real estate agent? I would expect four things from a successful agent: strong, specialized product knowledge; confident and clear understanding of the procedures, laws and regulations; great negotiations and sales skills; and finally, fantastic networking skills. Why do you need to be a good networker as an agent? You need to be a good networker with agents and clients. Every agent knows the best clients are those that come to you via recommendation, they trust you and are loyal to you. However you need to perform well to continue receiving these recommendations, and that is why you need to be a good networker with agents. If you have a good network of agents, you can ultimately have access to all the properties available in the market. This will help you in arranging viewings faster and thus giving your client what he is looking for before the other competing agents. How come agents are skeptical towards working together? The simple answer is trust. However there are two parts to this lack of trust. Fear that disclosure of property information is followed by the agent being left out of the deal, secondly not trusting the agent’s ability to perform their job. Many agents complain that agents are contacting them to arrange a viewing on a property prior to fully valuing the clients need. Trust can be enhanced as the industry matures and develops standard in practice and the quality of agents. Furthermore agencies need to come together to fight off unethical behaviors and encourage agents to work together to achieve best industry practice. How do you begin building a network of agents? To be part of any network, there needs to be common understanding. Putting a few guidelines for everyone who is part of the network to abide by is a good start. Secondly for a network to work it has to have a group of people with different skills. In relation to real estate this may be, that one agent specializes in a particular towers and always has listings, while another has contacts with high net worth individuals or perhaps buyers from their country of origin. Allowing an agent to clearly highlight their strong skills can help other agents find them when they need them.

Three day training for new customer in Doha

Three day training for new customer in DohaLS: Keep moving is the funky name of our newest customer in Doha. We just had a three day training program at their offices in the iconic Tornado Tower and judging by the pictures, they seem to be having lots of fun.

Has the Dubai market partially recovered?

According to REIDIN's 2011 results, Dubai may be in a partial recovery.

Their YoY statistics show that popular areas such as Arabian Ranches and The Springs/Meadows have actually increased value by up to 15%. If true, that would be a marked recovery for those areas and would indicate that prices have not just bottomed out but are on the rise. [More]

Release Notes (Q1 2012)

Version V4.5.12.27 (18/03/2012) New: You can now open the lead file by clicking on any record from the side bar (Leads with Matches). New: On the matches screen (at the right top corner), lead number has now been changed into a link. By clicking to which you can now access the lead file directly. To follow secure password guidelines better, all user passwords in Masterkey are now restricted to enter a minimum of 8 characters. Property management access updates: Property Managers and listing agents are now able to view transaction and edit unit details irrespective of the hierarchy applied. This only applies on the unit file in property management module. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.11.29 (04/03/2012) The system will now force a new user to change the password on first login. A yellow notification bar has now been introduced for an older version of internet explorer which Masterkey does not support. Minor changes in the SMS text for activity reminders. Listing agent, no of bedroom and lead entered date info has now been added on the matches preview screen along with some minor GUI changes. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.10.40 (19/02/2012) New: You can now add custom fields in the user file. Action menu has now been added in the portfolio zone to view properties and units attached with the portfolio. Transactions on merged units are now visible on each individual Unit. Matches: Extra line break has now been removed from the default email text. Unit group update feature has now been designed to accept document upto 9 MB. Vacant has now been renamed to Available on the matches screen. Minor text and graphical improvements. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.9.30 (04/02/2012) New: Flagging Units: Users can now see flags to the left of search results when searching for units and can mouseover or open the unit file to see the reason for the flag.This is a new feature where red flags appear in search next to units that require action from a user. Currently this works with Leases that have expired (i.e. if the Contract End Date has passed). New: You can now set sms and email reminders on activities. See how to do it. "Rera Card Number" and "Rera Expiry Date" have been renamed to "Agent Reg. No" and "Agent Reg. Expiry". Upcoming Date has now been added in advance search for leasing. Minor chages and improvements in connection zone. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.    Version V4.5.8.40 (25/01/2012) New: Users can now select or remove all portals in one go by a single click. Unit card composer is now programmed to take in multiple email addresses. New fields have been added on reservation and contract templates. Warning prompts have been added, before a file is closed and auto-save when starting unit transaction. Subject line has now been added to Matches preview screen. Feed Burner links have been replaced on the Login Screen. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.7.27 (08/01/2012) New:Premium customers can now include information from multiple units in a single template by using unit card editor. New fields have been added on reservation and contract templates. Zip Code has now been set as non mandatory on transactions.  Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.  

Growing community: January edition

Growing community: January editionThis month shows that Masterkey works for you, whether you are a developer, property manager or a broker. We are pleased to have Manara Developments, Sloanes Real Estate, Universal OAM and Al Wesal Real Estate join our community! Manara Developemnt Developer Bahrain Sloanes Real Estate Brokarage United Arab Emirates Universal OAM Property Management United Arab Emirates Al Wesal Real Estate Brokarage United Arab Emirates

Why User Manuals Are Dead To The World

Today we were asked to provide our user manuals in a PDF or Word document. You may think that this is a reasonable enough request but after nine years of building software we've figured out a thing or two about user manuals: No one reads them. Ever.   When we look back over the years we've made several attempts to create comprehensive training materials or user guides. We've had everything. Simple how-to guides, extensive word/pdf documentation, training videos, entirely hand built custom websites... everything. At one point we even tried assigning a dedicated person to only this task.   The problem is, in all of that time I can probably count a handful of people that have actually used these materials. This works out to very little benefit to our customers compared to the hours spent compiling and updating Word documents that in the end become quickly outdated.   Little Benefit + Hours of Work = Bad Idea   The fact is when people need to know how to do something they always follow the same pattern. They ask someone. It's always easier to ask your co-worked rather than search for it. Sometimes this works, sometimes it leads to the wrong answer, but we're human and we like to ask someone human. This is the same reason I've pinned 'Search Google' above my father's computer and the same reason why he ignores it. It's just easier to call. They search for it. This usually involves Google or perhaps the in-built training system but is exactly where we want people to find the right answer. If rewarded enough times with the right answer, this will become the first place people will look. So at Masterkey we now invest our time in making sure the right answers are found in when you search. We do provide great in-person training, but after that it comes down to search. A tremendous amount of time and effort was spent finding the right help tool and writing the articles themselves so that's where people should look.    If you are ever looking for help with Masterkey use the Masterkey Helpdesk. That's where we are and have everything you need to know about Masterkey. If you're writing your own user manuals, stop now before it's too late and try out uservoice, getsatisfaction or zendesk!

RERA warning to Dubai's property brokerages

The Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has recently put in place conditions for the advertisement of real estate services and properties in mainstream media. As a real estate agency in the UAE this means that you must publish your RERA registration number on all published advertisements across all media channels.   As our customers regularly use Masterkey to publish their listings to portals on a daily basis we’ll be incorporating your agency’s registration number automatically into every listing you publish. We’ve started working on the changes and we'll let you know when they have been implemented.   At Masterkey we’re always following news that affects regulation closely and are prepared to help our customers comply with any regulatory framework.

Wishing you a well-connected 2012!

Wishing you a well-connected 2012!People from all over the world are getting in touch with us because they have heard about Masterkey from someone like you. Thank you for spreading the word!   For that reason many companies from Qatar, Kuwait, Australia and North America joined our community over the last year. This will translate into more business for those who understand how to use the network of companies using Masterkey to close deals. Let it be your new year’s resolution to start extending your reach beyond the driving distance of your car! Your connections are managed in the Connections Zone. Follow this guide about how to get started with setting up connections in Masterkey.