What is VAT and how does it affect my relationship with Masterkey?

VAT in the UAE is just around the corner and we are ready for it! It’s likely that you are also  preparing for full compliance as of January 1st 2018 so we’re here to help. Learn more about VAT below. What is VAT? Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax that is being introduced by the UAE Government, which will be payable by both business and Individuals. When will the VAT go into effect and what will be the rates? VAT will be introduced across the UAE on 1 January 2018 at a standard rate of 5%.More...

Announcing Fully Managed Email Campaign Services from Masterkey

Announcing Fully Managed Email Campaign Services from Masterkey    Fully Managed Email Campaign Services from Masterkey We are excited to announce the launch of our email campaign management services. No design or management skills required. We'll build amazing custom email templates with your company’s logo, branding and information. All you need to do is provide us with the content and we’ll make the rest happen! We’ll even manage your various mailing lists including unsubscribes and segmentation. Customised solutions to fit your business You may or may not have had experience working with email marketing campaigns in the past but perhaps know how effective they can be for lead generation; especially in the real estate industry. We'll work with you to develop a strategy that makes sense for your agency and then manage it for you to get you on the road to email marketing success!    Ways our campaign services can market your business: We will schedule and send on your behalf: Monthly newsletters Weekly promotions or ‘best deals’ Event or open house invites to your clients Scheduled holiday greetings Launch announcements as soon as a developer unveils project Follow up & thank you emails from agents and much more. Our packages are completely customisable and start from as little as AED 2,000 per month. Some of the options our services include are: Customisable templates to reuse Fully responsive design which makes it compatible on your client's computer, phone or tablet List management, segmentation & unsubscribes Unlimited contacts per mailer Detailed success report after each campaign Priority email scheduling as soon as a developer unveils project     Let's get started. Introduce yourself by clicking below and we'll get in touch to discuss your requirements further.     

Rank higher! What you need to know about dubizzle’s new content scoring system has introduced a new content scoring system which assigns a quality score to each of your listings based on the quality of the content you input into your advertisements. This new quality scoring system was put into place in order to maintain relevant listings and to give dubizzle users a quality experience. The higher the score you achieve, the higher ranking your ads will receive and thus, the more your ads will be seen by your potential clients. We’ve broken down the top five factors that contribute to your dubizzle ranking and the requirements for each below: Ad Title - Keep your titles between 20 & 50 characters. Using ALL CAPS in your title will negatively impact your score.   Price - Property prices such as 1000 AED and 1,111,111,111 are obviously fake and will hurt your score, as well. Be honest and upfront with your buyers by stating the real listing price. Photo Count - An ad with no photos gets a score of 0%. A big no-no. You must upload a minimum of five photos to score well. Description - Your description should have at least 750 characters or about 150 words. You can use ALL CAPS but do so sparingly. Overall Score - Your overall score is a combination of the above factors; however, keep in mind that factors such as the photo count are more influential than others, according to dubizzle. Bottom Line: The more effort you put into creating quality content for your listings, the more you’ll get out of your ads. Dubizzle is actually not the only site to implement a ranking system for their advertisements. has also enforced similiar measures. In case you missed it, check out our last blog post: Top 10 Ways to Get the Best Quality Score on Property Finder. **PRO TIP: Keep in mind that different portals have varying requirements to post your listings while achieving a decent quality content score. For example, propertyfinder requires a maximum of 1000 characters for description length while dubizzle sets theirs at a minimum of 750 characters. You can drastically reduce time and be super efficient by using in addition to your current CRM or listing service. What is Airlist? is the first and only free listing tool that allows real estate agents to upload their property listings across all property portals. provides all agents the ability to manage their properties in one space, drastically reducing the time it takes to post listings across dozens of property portals.

10 ways to get the highest ranking on

10 ways to get the highest ranking on  Propertyfinder has announced the implementation of a new ranking algorithm which assigns a quality score to each of your listings based on the content you input into your advertisements. Propertyfinder describes their quality score ranking system as a "...dynamic, real-time calculation that defines the position in which your properties are displayed in propertyfinder’s search results page.” Why the change? Well, quality scoring systems aren’t new. These types of algorithms are common among pay-per-click advertising portals such as Google and Bing and are enacted in order to maintain relevant listings in an effort to give clients a quality user experience.   So, how can you get the best quality score and ensure your real estate listings are consistently ranking in the top slots? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will contribute to higher quality scores: Post multiple images that are of good quality. Adding a minimum of five images is required; however, listings with more images perform better. Ensure all images are of a high resolution. Don’t stretch your watermark over the entire image. Pick a small, obscure area of the image and let your watermark live there. Wide scaled, gaping watermarks distract the user from seeing the actual image of the property. Avoid using ALL CAPS. Using only capital letters is considering yelling and is not professional. Even if you think it will make your listing stand out, it’s a big no-no. Keep your listing title short and accurate. 
Recommended title length is 60 characters maximum. Do not place the contact information inside the title of the listing. Ensure the description is unique and relevant. Only describe the actual property; do not include other information about your brokerage, the listing agent, or things not directly relevant to the property.  The description should be unique and not copied from other listings or the developer’s homepage. Provide an accurate location using the location tree. Provide the full location of the property according to propertyfinder’s location tree and make sure the location is accurate. Use the correct price when listing rentals. Indicate the frequency of a rental property correctly; per week, per month or per year. Refrain from misleading information; such as, breaking the total cost down into installments and publishing it as the actual price. Provide additional content. Listing the property’s amenities as well as providing a virtual tour will help the ad perform better. Get a “Verified Agent” account. Listings perform better if the individual agent account has been created within their backend with photo, name, license number. Enlist your colleagues to do the same. Propertyfinder also considers an “Agency score” which will reflect your overall level of service as a company and thus impact all your listings equally. In addition, it is important to note that propertyfinder also looks at how users interact with your real estate listings when determining your overall quality score. Bottom line: the better the content of your listing, the better it will rank. Happy listing!