Release Notes (Q2 2012)

Version V4.5.18.39 (18/06/2012) New: Work Order Form has now been redesigned in order to in cooperate remarks for every stage in it. New: Option to delete maintenance companies is now available. New: Portfolio Zone has been optimized to make it perform consistently with the rest of the application. New: Default unit cards are now flowing through all the web services. A read only field for the listing Agent has now been introduced under portfolio manager in the work order. An auto status (Entered) has been now introduced in the work order. Portfolio Zone has been optimized to make it perform consistently with the rest of the application. Few new columns have now been added in the activity report. A place holder for the maps has now been introduced in the communication templates. Active and Inactive users in the listing agent drop down (Advance search) have now been segregated with the color code i.e. Active in Black and Inactive in Red. Several bug fixes and small changes.   Version V4.5.17.44 (03/06/2012) New: Mass Email:  You can now send up to 50 emails at once helping you manage your communication to the Tenants. New: Users now have the ability to do resale transactions in Masterkey for Sales. When a unit is re-sold, unpaid payments from the previous transaction are automatically carried forward into the new transaction for the new buyer to pay. Phone number format has now been changed from 00 to + in the sms text. Acknowledge all has now been added on the alert. When clicked on this button, it dismiss all the alerts and the next time the user log in, these alerts will not show up. Minor changes and fixes in the report builder. Several bug fixes and small changes.   Version V4.5.16.35 (21/05/2012) You can now set default Unit Card. This default is sent when sending from mobile and also in auto-correspondance. Small changes to unit card editor i.e. A link has been added on the editor for unit card. Various bug fixes and small enhancements.   Version V4.5.15.30 (06/05/2012) New: You can now Insert multiple payments with a single click in Leasing and Property management. New: Property management access updates: Property Managers and listing agents are now able to view transaction and unit details irrespective of the hierarchy applied through unit zone. This only applies in property management module. New: Users now have the ability to set a particular unit card template as the default. This helps when sending unit cards from the Mobile App, Matches etc. New: Gmail integration in now available. Blocked Reason and Blocked By fields are now available in Report Builder under the Units section and Filters. Three custom list parameter have now been added in parameter zone. Several bug fixes and small changes.   Version V4.5.14.42 (22/04/2012) New: You can now define Multiple Contracts in the system. New: Qatar locations are now available in Masterkey. (For the new customers only). New: SMS functionality is now activated in the all modules. On changing the listing agent, the system will now transfer the existing owner lead to the new listing agent. Email to the agent on assigning of a lead: An improvised email template with more information has now been replaced. You can now resend the matches you have sent already from matches functionality. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.13.52 (8/04/2012) New: You can now find matches for the external units. New: Select and remove all option is now available in group update feature for web portals. Unit number field is now available in communication template under unit category. You can now open multiple unit files at a time. Minor changes in report builder. Several bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Matches now available for everyone!

Matches now available for everyone!We launched Matches at the last Connect Event in December and now it's available for everyone. Follow these two articles to learn more about how Matches can help you do business faster. Done in 60 seconds: From new lead to evaluating property Knowledgebase: How do Matches work?

Open Masterkey in multiple windows?

Open Masterkey in multiple windows?One of the most requested features at the Q&A Sessions was the ability to open multiple windows in Masterkey. I want to share a trick with you that enables just that. For example, when you want to open Contact Zone, right-click on the menu item and then click on 'Open in a new tab'. This will open the Contact Zone in a new tab and you can open as many tabs as you like. By switching between the different tabs, you can now access multiple Zones at once. The only thing you cannot open in tabs are the Unit Files and Contact Files. However the idea to have multiple Unit FIles and Contact Files is already submitted by Jaideep Khemani - vote for it by visiting our Feedback Forum.

New feature: Lightning fast image upload

New feature: Lightning fast image uploadNo listing should be published without photos, because nothing better than photos will showcase the features you want to highlight. If your description emphasizes a great view, it pays to have a photo of the view. To help you upload more photos, the image-uploader is now capable of uploading multiple images at once and labeling them. We’ve tested it and it’s true, you’ll be making updates to units faster than an agent posting party photos on facebook. Follow this guide on How to: Upload Multiple Images. The idea to upload, organize and label multiple images started in the Masterkey feedback forum where 26 members of the community voted to have this implemented. If you have an idea to improve Masterkey or just make your job easier, share it with us in the Masterkey feedback forum. It’s a good feeling to contribute.

Release Notes (Q1 2012)

Version V4.5.12.27 (18/03/2012) New: You can now open the lead file by clicking on any record from the side bar (Leads with Matches). New: On the matches screen (at the right top corner), lead number has now been changed into a link. By clicking to which you can now access the lead file directly. To follow secure password guidelines better, all user passwords in Masterkey are now restricted to enter a minimum of 8 characters. Property management access updates: Property Managers and listing agents are now able to view transaction and edit unit details irrespective of the hierarchy applied. This only applies on the unit file in property management module. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.11.29 (04/03/2012) The system will now force a new user to change the password on first login. A yellow notification bar has now been introduced for an older version of internet explorer which Masterkey does not support. Minor changes in the SMS text for activity reminders. Listing agent, no of bedroom and lead entered date info has now been added on the matches preview screen along with some minor GUI changes. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.10.40 (19/02/2012) New: You can now add custom fields in the user file. Action menu has now been added in the portfolio zone to view properties and units attached with the portfolio. Transactions on merged units are now visible on each individual Unit. Matches: Extra line break has now been removed from the default email text. Unit group update feature has now been designed to accept document upto 9 MB. Vacant has now been renamed to Available on the matches screen. Minor text and graphical improvements. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.9.30 (04/02/2012) New: Flagging Units: Users can now see flags to the left of search results when searching for units and can mouseover or open the unit file to see the reason for the flag.This is a new feature where red flags appear in search next to units that require action from a user. Currently this works with Leases that have expired (i.e. if the Contract End Date has passed). New: You can now set sms and email reminders on activities. See how to do it. "Rera Card Number" and "Rera Expiry Date" have been renamed to "Agent Reg. No" and "Agent Reg. Expiry". Upcoming Date has now been added in advance search for leasing. Minor chages and improvements in connection zone. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.    Version V4.5.8.40 (25/01/2012) New: Users can now select or remove all portals in one go by a single click. Unit card composer is now programmed to take in multiple email addresses. New fields have been added on reservation and contract templates. Warning prompts have been added, before a file is closed and auto-save when starting unit transaction. Subject line has now been added to Matches preview screen. Feed Burner links have been replaced on the Login Screen. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.7.27 (08/01/2012) New:Premium customers can now include information from multiple units in a single template by using unit card editor. New fields have been added on reservation and contract templates. Zip Code has now been set as non mandatory on transactions.  Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.  

Done in 60 seconds: From new lead to evaluating property

Done in 60 seconds: From new lead to evaluating propertyWorking with leads have never been easier. Masterkey now automatically matches your leads with all available property so that you don't have to. Did you just get a request from someone looking for a 4 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina? Masterkey will match those requirements with all available listings and show you the matching units. Just select the units to send or simply send them all at once. Your clients will be amazed of how quickly you responded. Just keep your leads accurate and you’ll be zooming along with well serviced clients. Matching listings are displayed right where you need them next to the Contact or Lead making it easy to access. It even tracks which listings you have sent and which you have discarded, keeping you informed at all times. In addition, you will expand the reach of your leads because Matches not only searches your internal agency’s listings but also checks all shared listings through Masterkey Connect. You can easily take advantage of your network to find the right match. It’s a new way to use Masterkey! Matches is available for all Premium users and If you would like to know more see our knowledge base article How do Matches work?

Sharing property listings in Masterkey

Sharing property listings in MasterkeyCollaboration is key in generating more business, and the Masterkey Connect feature provides real estate professionals with the ability to do just that – cultivate a community and generate more business. Let me show you how to get started. 1. Select Connections Zone Under the System Admin module, you will see the Connections Zone. Managing connections in Masterkey is all done inside the Connections Zone. 2. Search for companies using Masterkey When you click search, you will see a list of companies using Masterkey. You can also filter the search with keywords or sort the list by company name. When you find a company that you are interested in, you can invite them right away to start sharing listings.   3. Send the invitation Once you send an invitation, the other party can either accept or decline your invitation. Make sure to write a personal message about how working together can benefit both companies. You need to decide whether you are sharing Leasing listings, Sales listings or both, and whether the listings already in Masterkey should be shared as well. Click confirm to send the invitation. Your invitation will now be sent to the other party's inbox and show in their Connections Zone. It's easy to start sharing listings with other companies in Masterkey.

NEW! Re-order images on Unit File

NEW! Re-order images on Unit FileYou can now re-order images on the Unit File using drag and drop. This is available inside the unit file and currently works with any existing web site integrations and unit cards (e-brochures). It currently does NOT work with portals as the portals will need to upgrade to our new portal integration version. [More]

Release Notes (Q4 2011)

Version V4.5.6.47 (26/12/2011) New: Multiple image upload feature is now available in the system. You can now track work order activities through activity zone. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.   Version V4.5.5.26 (11/12/2011) New: Matches are now available in the system for premium customers. Rent per annum has been replaced with Rent per month for Qatar groups only. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.    Version V4.5.4.31  (27/11/2011) New: ‘Search All’ now searches both first and last name in all contact zones. New: An activity is automatically logged when you send a unit card to a contact. New: You can now see how many units you’re sharing per group in the Connection Zone. Companies can enable or disable auto-correspondence emails for system generated leads. Watermarks are now functioning on Several Report Builder upgrades including first-time use wizard. Agent feedback tracking through activity zone. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements. Version V4.5.3.47  (13/11/2011) New: New welcome email templates for new users are now available. New: The new Matches functionality activated for beta tester groups. Property Manager is now added to Quick Search drop-down in Portfolio Zone. Masterkey Connect functionality has been upgraded. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements. Version V4.5.2.37  (23/10/2011) New: Report Builder activated for beta tester groups. New: Rich text editor has now been added on email composers. You can now select Street in the field selection. When adding a lead Referred By field now shows the user that is logged in. (All modules except CRM) Renewal wizard has been upgraded with minor design changes. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.  

Release Notes

Version V4.4.14.36  New: Auto Correspondence is now available for Masterkey Premium customers. New: All new UAE groups will get UAE property database (3000+ properties). Masterkey Connect has been upgraded to share more information. Contact Zone upgrade to view all your contacts in one place. Stability improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.