Congratulations The Wave: Successful launch

I’d just like to congratulate The Wave Sales Team, they did a wonderful job at the Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates and sold out the phase in just 48 hours. That’s virtually unheard of now in Dubai, and reminds me of 3 years ago.


Of course, I’d love to highlight that they had 2 sales centers running concurrently, and this wouldn’t have been possible without MasterKey. They also used a MasterPlan to help sell the townhouses, but of course I forgot to take a picture of the thing. Perhaps the Wave would be kind enough to send me a picture?


Anyway, you can just make it out, half of it, in the corner on the right. The full MasterPlan is on their website.


The Wave on launch day


They’ve also started construction of their first phase, and I had a chance to go down to Muscat and see it first hand. It’s a little strange driving around in a Range Rover crossing mounds of carefully carved sand and hearing ‘Here’s the boulevard, starting at that stick right… there… see it… the one with the orange ribbon. Here’s where the lake starts, yes we’re in the middle of the lake now.’ Great feeling to be at the start of a project this size, and to see how it all comes together.

Other links:Read the press release, or take a look at The Wave’s website, or The Wave’s MasterPlan built by MasterKey.

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