Why would you like to help out with the Beta?

Finally got around to putting up a list of why people wanted to help out with the beta. Here’s the reasons, some are quite funny actually. ‘Why not?’ is especially inspiring, be warned, this is raw user feedback!

Q: Why would you like to help out with the Beta?

  • Why not?
  • To see if the differences would really benfit us as agents, and out of pure interest.
  • Because I think the concept is very good but it is not user friendly at all. If it gets more user friendly, I think there is no other s/w with such features available in the market so far
  • Because I want the best system to be avalaible to all. Any improbements are welcomed. (like spelling?)
  • Time to time we come across suggestion, concerns, that could be beneficial for masterkey implementation. Besides i am curious of how the new system looks like.
  • I would like to input my comments
  • (Because I) helped design it!
  • I think I have worked on masterkey long enough to give valuble input
  • ya

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