Hey! What’s going on with the beta?

Well, we went and checked, and the programmers haven’t disappeared, sucked into some horrible elder dimension.

Instead they have been working hard to get beta 1 out the door for our valiant group of beta testers to run through for us. Right now the development team is working on optimizing the database back-end and getting the actual widgets (buttons and so on) set up for all the modules. As soon as there is something you can put properly through its paces - we’ll let you know!

Planned new features

Just so you are not completely deflated by lack of things to test, we thought we’d take this time to give you a quick run down of the kinds of features which we are building into the software.

Feature Improvements

  • Streamlining of tasks (requirements, units, clients, reminders)
  • All information tied to 1 file (‘a requirement’) – no more clicking around for information

User Interface

  • New color scheme and buttons - easier on the eyes
  • Customizable – don’t like a field name? Change it.
  • Dashboard – Personal information and useful functions at your fingers
  • More accessible layout – everything is easier to find


  • New AJAX technologies – no long page refreshes anymore
  • Less calls to the database – things load faster
  • Database structures updated an optimized – things load a lot faster

We’re taking our time to do this and making sure that we do it right first time round, so be patient with us!

So when do the rest of us see it?

The only answer I can give you: when it’s ready. As things progress we’ll be posting features, explanations and screen shots of the new system here for wider feedback from you all. So check in regularly for more!

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