Working Hard or Hardly Working

Working hard! I thought everyone might be interested to see what we have in the works.

Real Estate Bank – Al Maha Tower

First up is Al Maha Tower. The UAE based Real Estate Bank asked us to do a MasterPlan for one of their tower projects. Below are two samples of what that looks like:





MasterPlans are interactive maps of your properties. Built in flash, the 3D MasterPlan lets you browse your properties and your units with visual feedback on where you are.

MasterPlans with MasterKey

Our MasterPlans are getting popular. Why? These maps are an incredibly useful sales tool. Being shown a property visually, both its location and interior tends to be a lot more comforting than seeing a blue-print or an artists rending. The property becomes more real.

As an added bonus, if you are using the MasterKey service as well (mkSales for example) then the MasterPlan can be linked to your sales database and give you feedback on unit status.

For example, one of our clients, The Wave, Muscat, put the MasterPlan up on a wide-screen TV in their sales hall. Connected to the MasterKey software and refreshing automatically, the MasterPlan showed prospective buyers which units were still available, and just how fast they were selling out. More importantly it gave buyers a feeling of confidence signing the contract, as they could see their chosen unit turn from vacant to sold right then and there.

Have a look at some more examples of the 3D MasterPlan.

Dubai Industrial City

I’ll let DIC describe themselves. Quoting directly from the site:

Dubai Industrial City is one of Dubai Holding’s projects that adressess the industrial sector. Dubai Holding consolidates the various large scale infrastructure and investment projects in Dubai that were created over the past five years as well as research, identify and execute future major projects that will benefit the UAE and the region.

The company has been created with the goal of providing a better future for all - across the range of life-improving industries it is involved in. Each of the Dubai Holding operating companies focuses on key areas which will dynamically support the development of Dubai as a world leading hub for commerce, leisure and finance, in turn driving these companies to become leaders in their respective fields in the Middle East and beyond.

Making use of both the MasterKey software as well as the MasterPlan, DIC is in for a pleasant surprise when they see how much easier their life will be with MasterKey.

A look at their MasterPlan:





Some folks from a rather colder place then here have seen the wisdom of MasterKey as well. Scandia is a special case, as they already had a website and a retail management software package which they found …less than satisfactory shall we say.

Having shown them the mk way of doing things, we are now working on updating their site and integrating it with MasterKey.

Who are Scandia? From their current site:

Nordic in sizzling Dubai. Why not?

Nordic Real Estate is founded by Scandinavians and has is domicile in Dubai. Nordic Real Estate can offer a wide selection of developments from buzzing beachside apartments, a home on the Palm to a luxurious golf estate.

Nordic Real Estate can help you as an individual or as an investment company in buying long term investments such as offices, residential building or employee accommodations.

So who else is new to the mk family?

Unfortunately if i went into a long description of all our new clients this post would become rather long, so i’ll leave you with a list and and some links if you want to find out more about them.


DIRC is persuing office development, warehouse complexes and residential developments in Dubai Investments park. Their first open project is Ritaj, with over 2,200 housing units being managed using MasterKey.


Al Fattan Properties

Using mkSales and the mkMaster Plan.

One of our MasterPlan’s for Al Fattan:

You can see more of them here: Click on the view 3D animation to see the MasterPlans in action.

Conqueror Real Estate

Dubai Property Link

They are using the mkSales module.

Cayman Estates

Cayman are also using the mkSales module.

Empire International

…and so is Empire International. Using mkSales i mean.


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