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Time is Money.


We know, we know. But as cliché as it sounds, it’s true.


In today’s environment real estate organizations can’t afford to operate at anything less than fully optimal. The microscope is on every detail of the business, and saving money while not compromising on service is all that matters.


The longer you stall and the longer you fail to optimize your business, the more money and opportunities you lose.

How do you optimize your business?


By improving Return On Investment (ROI)

Stretching your budget

Targeting your efforts

Honing your strategy

Every minute of every day is money lost when you aren’t running your business as efficiently as you can. Right now, it’s tough to justify lost money and opportunities because of inaction.


Masterkey helps real estate professionals do business better, faster and easier.


Sell and lease more property.

Lower your cost per lead and reach a global audience of 1000’s qualified leads.

Organize and manage your data with one central database.

Save thousands on marketing with a powerful array of tools and features that allow you to customize and specifically target your message and audiences.

Manage your team of brokers and agents more efficiently and provide them with the resources to succeed.

Streamline every facet of your operations.

Eliminate tedious administrative processes. That means less time in the back office and more time interacting with clients.

Measure and improve your ROI with meaningful and detailed reporting.

When we say time is money, we literally mean it.

From now until April 31, 2009 when you register your interest with Masterkey receive 1% off your set up fee for every day remaining in the month.


Here’s how it works:


Register your interest with Masterkey today, April 9, 2009 and receive 22% (22 days left in April) off your total set up fee.


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You can see where this is going. The longer you wait…the more money you lose so sign up today.


Please enter the promotion code TIMEMONEY, when registering on our site.


Optimize your efforts today with Masterkey!


Best Regards,


The Masterkey Team

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