Cure for the Common Collapse

Concerned about the health of your finances?


We all can agree that the current economic conditions have everyone feeling less than their best. The collective negativity and despondence spreads like a sickness, making it seemingly impossible to escape the pessimism.


We say enough is enough; it’s time to start the road to recovery.


Do more. Spend less. Feel better.


Start today with Masterkey, the ultimate Software as a Service (SaaS) for Real Estate Professionals.


Masterkey provides real estate companies with the exact functionality they need, and none of what they do not. Not only that, but Masterkey provides professionals with more innovative and user friendly capabilities than traditional software providers at a fraction of the cost.


What are some of the side effects of Masterkey Software as a Service (SaaS)?

No costly software installation, upgrades or maintenance.
Gain access to cutting edge technology immediately without a large upfront investment in hardware or software.

Shorter deployment time.
Be up and running in just days, as opposed to a phased implementation that could take months. See the return on your investment sooner.

Global availability.
Gain access to your system at anytime from anywhere via the web.

It’s a SERVICE to you.
Masterkey is dedicated to the service model, providing you with a dedicated account manager that liaises with you directly, while our support team ensures you receive any assistance you need in the swiftest manner.

Stay ahead with ongoing, smaller upgrades.
We are constantly improving and expanding our software in the form of consistent small changes that improve functionality while avoiding large, costly roll outs that cost you time and money to implement.

Optimize your internal IT efforts.
There are scores of IT troubles incurred by software consumers in the traditional client/server model. By eliminating these constant hiccups, your IT team is able to focus on improving the day-to-day technical operations of your company.

Save money and redistribute your IT.
By outsourcing software functionality to Masterkey, you are saving money in both infrastructure requirements and IT personnel knowledge requirements. The money you save using Masterkey can be, well…saved, or reallocated to augment the other areas of your business.

Scalability to adapt as you grow, or change strategies.
Masterkey is flexible enough to expand with you as you take on growth, or scale back if you shift strategies.
Feel beeter now sign up with Masterkey today

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