3 New Features That Make Your Life Easier

Introducing the new Dashboard, Batch Upload and Credit Card Payment features now available to you with Masterkey.

Masterkey Dashboard

To say we are excited about the new Dashboard feature now available in Masterkey, is putting it lightly.

The new feature provides users with an extremely convenient and personalized view of their most relevant information. Not only that, but it gives users quick and easy access to that information with the click of a button. The new Dashboard feature can be customized and tailored in a number of ways to give you complete visibility into your most important data and activities.

Here are few examples:


  • Use it as a summary board. Easily customize your Dashboard with "at a glance" reporting elements that give you an overview of your individual or overall company performance (i.e. sales, reservations, number of leases, open leads, follow-ups and activities).
  • Subscribe and view RSS feeds within the application. Stay updated with current world news, industry trends or entertainment information from the source of your choice.
  • Enable the Masterkey “Tips and Tricks” view and stay updated on important alerts and useful hints and tips from Masterkey.
  • View graphical representations of key reports that will give you quick and easy insight into your data and allow you to better identify various trends.



Batch Upload

Masterkey’s batch upload tool allows users to download pre-prepared data templates from the Masterkey application onto their computer’s hard disk for easy access. Equipped with an intuitively organized data template, users are able to quickly and efficiently compile their data offline and then upload their files to Masterkey in one single action. Essentially this gives you the freedom to add multiple contacts and/or units simultaneously, eliminating the tedious task of adding each record separately.


Credit Card Payment Option

For such an exciting new feature, we don’t feel that this needs a big introduction. It’s simple: flexibility and convenience were the driving forces behind the introduction of our new payment option.
Now you can pay for your monthly rentals, license fee, email and SMS credits or anything else with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Simply download the Masterkey Credit Card Authorization form here, fill in your details and fax it or email it back to us. Once we have processed your payment, you will receive an electronic receipt with your transaction details. It doesn’t get much easier or more convenient than that!

To learn more about how Masterkey can help your business grow, visit us at, or call us on +971 398 9739.

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