Cityscape Dubai 2009 Finds Realism

In years past, attending Cityscape Dubai meant you were going to see the biggest and best that the industry had to offer. Budgets were an afterthought, with companies from around the world barring no expense to ensure they had not only a presence, but made an impact at the event.


Cityscape Dubai is still largely considered the preeminent B2B real estate event of the year. However, this year uncertainty about the turnout of the event permeated throughout the industry. Yes, it is smaller, that much is obvious upon entering the exhibition center.  And yes, the foot traffic is nowhere near the crowds of past years. The stands are not as many or as big, and the giveaways are less flamboyant and far and few between. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s simply the reality.


For years, Cityscape Dubai resembled a social gathering rather than a showcase for serious professionals to connect and focus on business. That sentiment has changed for Cityscape Dubai 2009. The atmosphere of the event is calmer and geared more towards genuine networking and business connections. The sense is while you may not fill your rolodex with a flood of new business cards,  the ones you are collecting are more meaningful and more qualified.


Moreover, the feeling is one of realism, and that the event more accurately reflects the current conditions of the market. The big names are there, but not in the manner that they are accustomed to. It’s truly refreshing though, because one is actually able to approach the executives and staff, and engage in meaningful conversations that render genuine business relationships.


So, if you haven’t taken the time to stop by the exhibition, you really should. This year is unlike any in the recent past and more importantly it represents the reality of the industry. No more smoke and mirrors, but rather real professionals doing what they can to improve their businesses. It bodes well for the industry because the participants and visitors alike are actually acknowledging one another in a meaningful way.


Don’t forget to stop by our stand in Hall 4, stand 4A40 and tell us what you think about the event, we’d love to hear what your take is.


Best Regards,

The Masterkey Team 

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