Is Your Business Falling Behind? You may be setting your business up to fail by not utilizing social media

Communication through Google and social media has significantly influenced how people make decisions and find information. Today, interactive information sharing on the World Wide Web, better known as Web 2.0, has changed the way users communicate around the world. According to Mashable, the world's largest blog dedicated exclusively to Web 2.0 and Social Media news, business professionals who aren't actively involved in social media will be left behind, and catching up won't be easy. We're here to give you some valuable tips and ideas to get you started in social media.  

Become a Butterfly on Social-Networking Sites:

Social-networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin rank in the top four most visited websites. According to Mashable, more than 1.5 million pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos) are shared on social-networking sites daily. Individuals who get involved are taking over their businesses and building incredible audiences around the world. In one instance, Starbucks updated their status on Twitter about a promotion for free coffee all day. The effect was tremendous, making it the #1 Rank on Google for that day. A separate initiative by Dell offering expensive-to-sell refurbished computers on Facebook generated approximately $2 million in revenue. Pretty serious.

Get Started: Set up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn company accounts and plan a social media strategy. There are a number of webinars and whitepapers out there to help you facilitate your strategy, just Google it. Your best bet is to get out there and start meeting people like it's your business. Don't alienate your audience though, avoid one way- targeted marketing and focus on building a strong brand presence through interaction. Become part of the community and strive to learn, share and meet. In the end, it really is like going to a social gathering, the more friends and connections you make, the more popular you'll be at the party. So, get out there and meet some people.

Be Viral and Be Interesting:

Viral marketing can be an extremely effective marketing tool, but it's not easy. Being Viral is all about communicating interesting and creative content to your audience via newsletters, emails, text messages, etc. The key to successful Viral marketing is creating content that your audience finds so rewarding that they want to share it with others. Think about a really funny email that you receive in your inbox and immediately forward on to a friend because it was just that good. That is the essence of being Viral. Viral marketing isn't for everything though, and is best used as a technique to increase brand awareness. By nature your content should not usually generate a specific commercial action from your audience other than for them to spread it around. Viral marketing relies heavily on word-of-mouth delivery via the network effects of the Internet, you must keep that in mind.

Get Started: Create a monthly newsletter that provides value and/or entertainment to your target audience. Publish interesting stories that directly affect or relate to your audience and industry to a blog or your social media accounts. Create a company Wikipedia page that dishes the details about your organization and your members. If you think your concept is good enough, you can even take a stab at a publishing content onto YouTube. Whatever you do remember that with Viral, content is king. If what you're posting is interesting and relevant to your intended audience, it can spread like a wild fire.

Blog with the Best of Them:

If you don't know what a blog is by now, there may be no hope for you. But just in case, a blog is basically a website where individuals post commentary, opinions and/or news on a number of subjects. Blogs serve as a digital soapbox for anyone, and in today's world literally everyone, to express themselves. Blogs come together to create a vast social network called the Blogosphere. The Blogosphere consists of all blogs and their interconnections. Strong blog involvement in the Blogosphere essentially creates a large discussion group for like-minded people to meet, receive feedback on ideas, share business ideas and bring out the personality of their company. C-suite business executives, celebrities, authors and every day people are gaining popularity around the world for sharing their opinions online. Drop by your favorite company or celebrity's website and you are almost guaranteed to find a blog.

Get Started: This one is simple. Start a company blog and start publishing. Find a niche topic for your business, write about yourself, what you think, what you believe. Start sourcing other interesting articles and publishing them on your blog. Promote yourself by promoting others. Seek out the blogs of your peers and respected professionals and listen. Well don't just listen, talk back as well. Create a web of dialogue surrounding what you find interesting and helpful and others will engage. Think of it like going to the gym, if you just take the steps to get started, it's all downhill from there. Pretty soon, you'll even start enjoying yourself.

These are just a few tips to help you get the ball rolling. The truth is that the world's biggest and most powerful businesses are involved in social media and benefit greatly from it. With so many involved businesses, catching up won't be easy, but if you communicate in the right way and reward your audience with great material, you're heading in the right direction.

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