Staying on the Forefront: Connect and Share Listings with Other Agents

How real estate professionals conduct business and operate has drastically changed in recent years. Technology has paved the way for next generation web solutions, MIS platforms and complete process automation. The real winners have not only accepted this progress, but they learned and now utilize these techniques. This willingness to morph and grow with technology provides a true advantage over the competition.

Like we said, real estate brokers and agents today have a wealth of new information and technology available to them, but only the truly dedicated will be extremely successful. It’s simply not enough to make phone calls and post flyers about properties. Instead, one must implement the best practices that have been laid out in front of them to expand limitations and redefine business paradigms. When that is the case, the only real limiting factor to success is the number of leads one is able to secure.

This leads us to our next point…while there are a finite number of leads that can be distributed to an agent from within an individual company; Agents can broaden their lead base by simply looking outside their company and connecting with other agents.

That sounds simple, right? In short - Yes, but in reality there’s much more to it.

There are challenges and considerations that have to be made. There must be structure, rules, and infrastructure in place to facilitate such an open exchange of sensitive and exclusive information in a way that is acceptable to all.

Introducing the Masterkey Connections functionality:

The concept (as we said) is simple, Masterkey’s Connections will allow Masterkey clients to form reciprocal partnerships with other Masterkey users to expand their operations and share each other’s listings.

Collaboration is a key strategy in generating more business, and the Masterkey Connections feature provides real estate professionals with the ability to do just that – cultivate a community and generate more business.

From a business process perspective things couldn't be easier. Agents can simply choose which listings to share on their select invitation-based networks. Subsequently, all other members of the network will be able to view and access those listings. Being able to view external listings, these members get instant access to a larger amount of properties they can offer to their clients. Similarly the members responsible for listing those units will instantly tap into a client base which was unknown to them before. All of this translates into being able to generate more revenue through direct collaboration between one another. In other words, a reciprocal community of agents working together to drive business success is created.

We’ve put together a couple of quick video to walk you through the process of sharing listings and give you some more insight to exactly how it works in the “New Features” section of the newsletter. Take a moment to see what the new feature is all about. And as always, if you have any questions, contact us directly and we’ll get you sorted out right away.

Click here to watch videos and find out more.

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