Masterkey Launches International Real Estate Sharing Platform

Masterkey, the UAE’s leading provider of web-based real estate software, formally unveiled Masterkey Connections today which will allow real estate professionals to form reciprocal partnerships with other Masterkey users worldwide to share each other’s listings and expand their operations.

In building a reciprocal community of agents, Gulf-based real estate professionals will gain access to an exponential number of potential lead sources across the worldwide Masterkey community.

Masterkey CEO Avinash Advani stated, “Collaboration is a key strategy in generating more business, and the Masterkey Connections feature provides real estate professionals with the ability to do just that – cultivate a community and generate more business.”

Masterkey Connections allows customers who are part of the Masterkey ecosystem, to connect with each other and seamlessly share listings. Clients can simply choose who they want to connect to; if that person or company is a Masterkey customer as well, they then opt to accept the connection. At that point, each party manually selects which units they want to share with each specific partner. Upon selection, each party is able to view each other’s shared listings, providing instant access to a larger amount of properties they can offer to their clients.

Masterkey believes this feature provides a timely opportunity for professionals to thrive in the region’s slumping real estate sector.

Avinash Advani, Masterkey CEO highlighted this by saying, “While there are a finite number of leads that can be distributed to an agent from within an individual company, agents can broaden their lead base by simply looking outside their company and connecting with other agents at home and abroad.”

Masterkey firmly believes that Masterkey Connections is the next generation platform for conducting real estate business worldwide and sees today’s announcement as a significant achievement in the company’s commitment to continually develop innovative ideas, products and services to better serve the global real estate industry.

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