New Feature: Customizable Digital Brochures

Beautifully Custom


We’re pleased to announce another upgrade for existing and new Masterkey Premium customers: The new and improved customizable Digital Brochures (Unit Cards). With this latest update you can now customize your Digital Brochures within the System Admin module to meet your exact requirements. You can also create multiple templates within each module. As always, this new update is provided to our Premium customers free of charge.


Above: Sample Electronic Brochures, see a live example of the new design.




Customize, tweak and design your Digital Brochure


Above: The editor window. Insert merge fields as needed.



Modifying templates is easy. Even without any prior experience with HTML, you can use our what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor to make adjustments, add or merge fields, and control exactly what information you want your customers to see. You can also build different templates, depending on the contact to whom you are sending it, or based on the information available on the property.



Send the right template for your customer


Above: Pick your template



Sending different information to a Buyer vs. a Seller is a great example of when to use different brochure templates. The “Seller Template” might include extra fields such as unit number, full breakdown of price and exact commission percentage, whereas the “Buyer Template” may just give the totals amounts. Now when you click “Send Unit” your list of custom templates will drop down so you can select the template that exactly suits your needs at the time.



Need Help?


As always, if you require any assistance in designing or customizing your unit card templates, Masterkey is here to help. Please feel free to contact your Account Manager should you have any questions.



When can I get it?


This new feature is available now on request to Masterkey Premium customers and will be rolled out for each company automatically over time. Contact Masterkey Support to request the upgrade now.

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