Faster than Amazon delivery: mySite - the one week website.

Thanks to some hard work by our web design partner Traffic, putting together your fully Masterkey integrated, CMS and SEO ready website is now faster than buying the latest bestseller on (excluding eBooks of course!) Buy it and forget it, this website will work right off the shelf.
mySite: It's just that fast...
Faced with reduced budgets in the market, many agencies and brokerages are looking at the value in every purchase they make. Brokers still need to have a web presence, they still need to market their properties through cost effective channels and they still need to generate leads. How can you do that without a website? You simply can't compete without one, but the cost and headache of creating a website from scratch is still a burden.
Most websites today start at around AED 20,000 for a static website and upwards of AED 30,000+ for a simple dynamic one.  Top websites such as, and cost anywhere from AED 50,000 to AED 120,000 to build from scratch and need constant work to stay on top.
(EDIT: January 6th 2010 - I've since been contacted by web-designers in the region, apparently the top websites mentioned above actually cost a lot more than my ball park figure. This just reinforces the point of how much a website can cost and that mySite is a steal for the amount of features it contains)
mySite is targeted at agencies and brokerages looking for entry-level to mid-level web presence. Simply put, it's a website that works and has all the features you want, without the fuss.
mySite is available either direct from Traffic or through Masterkey for a fixed cost of AED 17,999. It includes your content management system, Masterkey integration, custom branding and more. If you want to get going quickly with minimal fuss and investment, this is pretty hard to beat.
Read the full description on our website, try out the demo website or check out the screenshots below.
Screenshots of the client-facing website (click to enlarge)

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Screenshots of the content management system - CMS (click to enlarge) 

Backend login, in Traffic coloursBackend dashboadPages that you can edit!Editing a page

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