New Feature: Lead and Activity Zones

We’ve just released new lead and activity zones to help you track your activities and leads (and your team’s too if you’re a Manager) faster and much more efficiently.



The lead zone enables you to spend less time finding leads in the system and more time actually following-up. Not only can you can use the Actions menu to close, clone or transfer selected leads right form the lead zone, you can also use Masterkey’s search filters and select the exact fields you want to see.

Never miss another appointment


With the activity zone, you can see all your activities in one place. You choose whether you want to see activities for the current day, week or month. You can even see which ones are overdue (the system highlights them for you automatically).

Customize exactly what you want to see


You can use Advanced Search to specify exactly the fields you want to see on your leads and activity zones.

Where to find them


Lead and activity zones are now available as a standard feature in all modules for all both Masterkey Premium and Professional users.

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