Q&A from the February Masterkey Workshop

We continued to conduct the free workshop where real agents and administrators get to drill us with real questions. We talked through scenarios, issues and difficulties and applied our experience to come up with solutions for the real world. Here are a few of the questions asked during the workshop: 


Question 1

Agent: What happens when an individual contact is converted as a company contact ?

Answer: When clicked on the company contact check box on the client file, Individual contact will be converted to a company contact and all the leads associated with the individual contact will be transferred to the company contact. This contact would now show up only as a company contact.


Question 2:

Agent: How do we search company contacts by representative name ?


Answer: Representative search can be done using advanced search > representative > type in the representative name > and hit search.  This would filter results based on the representative name.


Question 3:

Agent: Whats the purpose of having specifications on the property file?  


Answer: Specifications on the property file shows up the total number of units added against the property i.e lets take an eg : If a property south ridge is added and if there are 50 units added against the property south ridge, under specifications, it would automatically update the apartment count as 50.


Question 4:

Agent: As an Administrator, How do I know which user has access or can view one particular client file ?


Answer: We have provided a new tab on the client file called ACCESS, when clicked on this tab, it would show up all the users who have access or can view this client file.


Question 5:

Agent: If there are multiple leads added against a contact and assigned to different agents, can all the leads be viewed by all agents? 


Answer: All agents who are assigned leads against this contact can view the client details, however the respective leads can be viewed by the respective agent(referred to agent). 


Question 6:

Agent: Is there a possibility that Masterkey Technical Team can view our data or is there a possibility we can disable their acces?


Answer: Yes, we can restrict Masterkey Technical Team from accessing your system. Please follow these steps System Admin > Company File > Enable Support Login, we have provided a checkbox called Enable Support Login, if the checkbox is ticked it will provide Masterkey Technical Team access to your system.


Question 7:

Agent: I've added a unit in sales module and when I add the same unit in leasing, it imports the units to the other module and vice versa. What are the details imported ?


Answer: When a unit is imported from one module to other, it would import all the unit details like unit type, unit location, fittings  & fixtures, images, map etc however payment details will not be imported since in sales data entered under payment details would be selling price where as under leasing, it would be rent per annum which has to be manually updated.


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