The Auto in Auto-Correspondence

Note: Auto Correspondence is a new upgrade for our premium customers.


Remember the days where real estate agents used to call up their landlords & sellers once a week to find out if their listings were still available, leased or sold. You should, it was yesterday! You can now say goodbye to those days for good, we’ve got a solution for you called Auto-Correspondence.



Auto-Correspondence is designed to help eliminate the whole time consuming process of calling up clients every day or week for updates. This feature allows you to create your own company branded email templates that can be sent out as: 


  • Welcome Letters (when a lead is entered)
  • Follow-up emails (at recurring predefined times) or 
  • When a lead is closed (both won or lost)



A Typical Scenario


Let’s take a typical scenario of when a customer enquires about property:


 1)  The customer calls to sell a property and you enter a lead as Sales/Seller:


Masterkey automatically - or auto-magically - sends the customer a Welcome Email tailor made for a Sales/Seller. (check out our Welcome Email sample) Your template could include any number of mail merge fields, such as the Name, Contact Number or Location of the property he wants to sell. This helps make sure you got his details right. 


2) Two weeks later you want to check to see if the property is still for sale, again Masterkey can do this automatically:


Two weeks after the lead was entered Masterkey sends the Follow-up Email associated with the Sales/Seller. (see our Follow-up sample) Your template could include some common calls-to-action such as: 


   a)  My property is still available and the selling price is the same.


   b)  My property is still available and I have decided to change the selling price.


   c)  I have sold my property and no longer require service.


   d)  I’m no longer interested in the services and would like to remove my property to be removed from advertising.





When the customer clicks on a link, he’s presented with a comment box. Any responses are sent to the customer’s agent via email.

3)    Finally when you’ve sold the property or the Customer concludes his business with you a final email can be sent offering other services or asking for feedback. For this you can use the Closed (Won) or Closed (Lost) templates.



Getting Started with Auto-Correspondence:


If you're already on Premium and you'd like to get started with Auto-Correspondence you can follow the below help articles:


   4)   Test to make sure it’s all working by creating your own contact file. 

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