New Community Manager at Masterkey

Almost a thousand agents, developers and property managers use Masterkey every day. We have a fast growing community, and the larger the community gets, the more it's worth for everyone in the community.

Gokhan Polat is the new Community Manager at Masterkey. His mission is to make sure you get the most out of Masterkey and Masterkey Connect. He comes to the job with the attitude "your success in using Masterkey is our success as a company".

Masterkey Connect: We know that agents already share listings with each other, but it's not happening to the extend everyone expects. Masterkey Connect organizes social events and offers Connect Groups to help you join forces with other agents. Gokhan will be responsible for shaping  Masterkey Connect into a central part of our community engagement.

Ambassador for the Community: Listening to what you think about Masterkey and helping you get informed about new developments and learning resources, Gokhan will be working with the community to make Masterkey an even better experience.

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