Sharing property listings in Masterkey

Collaboration is key in generating more business, and the Masterkey Connect feature provides real estate professionals with the ability to do just that – cultivate a community and generate more business. Let me show you how to get started.

1. Select Connections Zone

Under the System Admin module, you will see the Connections Zone. Managing connections in Masterkey is all done inside the Connections Zone.

2. Search for companies using Masterkey

When you click search, you will see a list of companies using Masterkey. You can also filter the search with keywords or sort the list by company name. When you find a company that you are interested in, you can invite them right away to start sharing listings.


3. Send the invitation

Once you send an invitation, the other party can either accept or decline your invitation. Make sure to write a personal message about how working together can benefit both companies.

You need to decide whether you are sharing Leasing listings, Sales listings or both, and whether the listings already in Masterkey should be shared as well. Click confirm to send the invitation.

Your invitation will now be sent to the other party's inbox and show in their Connections Zone. It's easy to start sharing listings with other companies in Masterkey.

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