Zavanti - how it works with Masterkey

Simply put, Zavanti is an ERP built for the Real Estate industry. It’s extensive, covers in-depth project-based accounting for Property Developers, Builders, Contractors and Property Owners and it is, frankly, hard to grasp at first. It’s the sort of thing that if you dream about what an ERP could do for you as Property Developer, you might end up with Zavanti after 10 years of work. If you’re lucky.

Zavanti was built in Australia, has been used for 20 years and has been continually revised and updated. It’s tried and tested, and Developers around the world swear by it. If we only focus on the Property Developer part of Zavanti, it will pleasantly fit in this simple flowchart.


If you don’t know what feasibility is, then you probably don’t need it! It’s what happens before the start of a project. You work out what the project will cost, what loans you will need to finance and how your cashflow will look like. Intuitive and well designed, Feasibility lets you play with several scenarios to explore your options.

Budgeting, Funding and Forecasting

Aptly named, this module can import from Zavanti Feasibility (or Excel) giving you a budget to work with. Variations from the budget require approval, so you’re protected from unknown cost overruns and can track the project down to the smallest expense.

Tendering, Task & Contract Management

Once you have the budget, you move forward to assigning contractors and consultants to manage your project. This can be done directly with the sub-contractors or you can set it up as a head contract - you can even set limits on who can approve what expenses.


This is where it all starts... at least visually! Zavanti dives into the minute details for managing the construction phase: Invoices from suppliers, variations management, progress claims, vouchers, budget to completion and much more. It’s all the essentials that you wish weren’t needed, but unfortunately are.

Completion and Reporting

Big spreadsheets with informative graphs, Zavanti has all of those reports. It will sum up the project for you and give you an understanding of how you can do it better next time.

How it works with Masterkey

For a Developer, Masterkey handles everything that Zavanti does not: Marketing, CRM, Leads and most importantly, working with external agencies. The only overlap between the two systems is at the point where data flows from Masterkey into Zavanti. Integration is done simply through the Masterkey API and feeds into the appropriate databases in Zavanti. Most companies love the fact that Zavanti, with all the financial data, can be stored on a local server, while Masterkey is hosted online, easily accessible and connected to other online resources.

Masterkey is Zavanti’s Middle East partner, and Zavanti is Masterkey’s Australian partner. The bilateral partnership allows both companies to provide exceptional on-the-ground support for both applications, satisfying local requirements.

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