Community get-together at Barasti

We organized another Connect Event bringing together 140+ real estate professionals. With so many attending, Barasti was again buzzing with energy and the love for our profession. The card-matching game sent people looking for their matching card among the crowd making for some amusing moments. Not everyone managed to find their matching card but everyone enjoyed the challenge.


The Connect Event was everything we could have hoped for. Joined by everyone from long-time Masterkey users to non-Masterkey agents just looking to connect, it showed that a pleasant atmosphere and attractive giveaways gives people the perfect reason to attend. We’ll have another community get together again in the near future, so let us know if you have any ideas!


Thank you for making it such an entertaining evening and thanks to Halcon Real Estate and SPF Realty for making the event possible.



The winners:

  • Vladimir, Stones Real Estate Brokers (dinner voucher)
  • Saahil, The Business Real Estate (dinner voucher)
  • Mehdi, SNS Properties (iPhone 4S)
  • Apex Properties (Most Connected Award)

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