Release Notes (Q2 2012)

Version V4.5.18.39 (18/06/2012)

  • New: Work Order Form has now been redesigned in order to in cooperate remarks for every stage in it.
  • New: Option to delete maintenance companies is now available.
  • New: Portfolio Zone has been optimized to make it perform consistently with the rest of the application.
  • New: Default unit cards are now flowing through all the web services.
  • A read only field for the listing Agent has now been introduced under portfolio manager in the work order.
  • An auto status (Entered) has been now introduced in the work order.
  • Portfolio Zone has been optimized to make it perform consistently with the rest of the application.
  • Few new columns have now been added in the activity report.
  • A place holder for the maps has now been introduced in the communication templates.
  • Active and Inactive users in the listing agent drop down (Advance search) have now been segregated with the color code i.e. Active in Black and Inactive in Red.
  • Several bug fixes and small changes.


Version V4.5.17.44 (03/06/2012)

  • New: Mass Email:  You can now send up to 50 emails at once helping you manage your communication to the Tenants.
  • New: Users now have the ability to do resale transactions in Masterkey for Sales. When a unit is re-sold, unpaid payments from the previous transaction are automatically carried forward into the new transaction for the new buyer to pay.
  • Phone number format has now been changed from 00 to + in the sms text.
  • Acknowledge all has now been added on the alert. When clicked on this button, it dismiss all the alerts and the next time the user log in, these alerts will not show up.
  • Minor changes and fixes in the report builder.
  • Several bug fixes and small changes.


Version V4.5.16.35 (21/05/2012)

  • You can now set default Unit Card. This default is sent when sending from mobile and also in auto-correspondance.
  • Small changes to unit card editor i.e. A link has been added on the editor for unit card.
  • Various bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version V4.5.15.30 (06/05/2012)

  • New: You can now Insert multiple payments with a single click in Leasing and Property management.
  • New: Property management access updates: Property Managers and listing agents are now able to view transaction and unit details irrespective of the hierarchy applied through unit zone. This only applies in property management module.
  • New: Users now have the ability to set a particular unit card template as the default. This helps when sending unit cards from the Mobile App, Matches etc.
  • New: Gmail integration in now available.
  • Blocked Reason and Blocked By fields are now available in Report Builder under the Units section and Filters.
  • Three custom list parameter have now been added in parameter zone.
  • Several bug fixes and small changes.


Version V4.5.14.42 (22/04/2012)

  • New: You can now define Multiple Contracts in the system.
  • New: Qatar locations are now available in Masterkey. (For the new customers only).
  • New: SMS functionality is now activated in the all modules.
  • On changing the listing agent, the system will now transfer the existing owner lead to the new listing agent.
  • Email to the agent on assigning of a lead: An improvised email template with more information has now been replaced.
  • You can now resend the matches you have sent already from matches functionality.
  • Various bug fixes and minor enhancements.


Version V4.5.13.52 (8/04/2012)

  • New: You can now find matches for the external units.
  • New: Select and remove all option is now available in group update feature for web portals.
  • Unit number field is now available in communication template under unit category.
  • You can now open multiple unit files at a time.
  • Minor changes in report builder.
  • Several bug fixes and minor enhancements.

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