Masterkey Mobile: available now!


We are proud to announce the launch of Masterkey Mobile, the mobile-friendly version of our real estate software. The launch, our recent Masterkey Connect Event and subsequent feedback have been extremely positive, and we are thrilled to get Masterkey into the hands of every agent, administrator and manager.

In case you don’t have access to Masterkey, or don’t have a smartphone handy, we've posted screenshots of Masterkey Mobile on Facebook.


Screenshots - click to view the album



  1. Does Masterkey Mobile cost anything extra?
    No. There is no additional cost, it’s included in your existing subscription.
  2. How do I log in?
    Just visit on your mobile and log in. Follow the tutorial.
  3. Does it work on Android / Blackberry / iPhone / Nokia?
    All modern phones with a data connection.
  4. What about permissions / access rights? Can I see more here than the main system?
    You’ll have the same access with one exception. Leasing and Sales can now see each other’s listings.
  5. Are my Owner details still protected?
    Other agents can’t see your owners, same as the main system.
  6. Is this an app?
    It’s a mobile-optimized website... and a good one at that!
  7. Will you be developing more?
    This is currently in Beta so we will continue to add functionality based on feedback.
  8. I need ____ feature, how can we add this?
    Log in, hit the feedback link at the bottom and fill in the “Have an idea” field.

    Or vote on an existing idea from your browser go here: 

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