Five new Help Articles this month!

How to: Change the Quick Search View »

Unit Quick Search has two types of views: Summary View and Detailed View. Find out what each can do for you.

How to: Insert multiple payments »

No more going through the hassle of adding every single payment manually. The 'Add Multiple Payments' feature will help you add multiple payments easily.

How to: Mass Email Contacts »

In the Property Management Module, you can now send up to 50 emails at once helping you manage your communication to the Tenants.

How to: Export data to Excel, Word or PDF »

Export Units, Contacts, Leads and Activities from Masterkey. You can export data in different formats like csv, excel, word, pdf etc.

How to: Generate a Receipt »

Generate all kinds of receipts with your company logo for sales, leasing and property management. You can have three copies printed by a single click i.e original receipt, one for accounting and one for admin purposes.

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