Now Buy / Sell properties on The Moon!

[UPDATED April 2, 2013: April Fools' ]

As the demand for hot (figuratively) lunar properties soar, we’ve experienced a big increase in transactions related to lunar projects. Some of our customers started selling plots and properties in the Southern Hemisphere towards the end of last year. Projects like CraterView Villas, Apollo Land Residenze and the much hyped master development White Dust Marina are especially getting a lot of buzz. Even the planned Full Moon Resort & Golf Course is getting major investor attention because of its unique characteristics - It’s full moon all year round. The course features a very unique design with its Par 72, 21,500 yard Championship layout. As Project Sales Manager, Majid Sewrani explains: “With low gravity you can easily hit 750 yards and feel like the king of the world, or you know what I mean, but the really fun part is high-jumping your way to your next shot.”

Developers offering major incentives

You thought giving away luxury cars and yachts were big incentives to purchase top tier properties on Earth? Developers are set to offer 3-person spacecrafts for buyers of Lunar Circle Villas. “What do you need a Lamborghini for, does it fly? No, this is what a good added-incentive should be like” says broker Melroy Lauritz, SpaceTipi Homes.

Lunar properties in Masterkey

We’ve extensively relied on Google Maps for our location structure in numerous countries around the world, so it’s only natural that we continue implementing Google’s mapping service by utilizing Google Moon for all lunar properties. Masterkey is the only Multiple Listing System that is active on The Moon helping its customers complete high-margin transactions today.

Share your requirements

We’ve already setup a Connect Group ( for the task, so you can start sharing your listings or requirements and connect with other agents from the community, who are also working with lunar properties.


Take advantage of this opportunity and get some deals done!

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