Emerging signs of uptick from the Abu Dhabi property market

The Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) in Abu Dhabi recently announced the release of plots on two major districts in the Saadiyat Island. The Marina District will host New York University Abu Dhabi next year and the plan for the surrounding plots includes a range of investment opportunities such as retail outlets, commercial and residential projects. The Beach District also had plots released in the sb17 cluster for residential use.

This signals a very welcome uptick in demand for Abu Dhabi real estate. Ahmed Al Fahim, the executive director of marketing, communications, sales and leasing at the company, said “We have seen that there's been a significant improvement in Abu Dhabi's real estate market, which has brought back confidence to the investment sector”.

Masterkey is proud to support TDIC with Sales / Leasing Management software and Developer Masterplans for the Saadiyat Island, making it possible to handle a growing number of transactions in the near future.

Source: The National

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