Release Notes (Q2 2013)

Version (30/06/2013)

  • Support Access upgrades have now been lived for beta testers.
  • We now have a customization frame work to control the visibility and mandatory of fields per group in contact and lead files.
  • Small enhancements in new add lead panel.
  • Major improvements in report builder functionality.
  • Improvements to new add activity panel.
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements to improve the speed efficiency of the system.


Version (16/06/2013)

  • New: You can now control the access of any user on switching ON/OFF rotation.
  • New: Automatic Rent Calculation is now available for leasing and property management.
  • Smart Sidebar: Portfolio name and Portfolio Manager are now available in the column selection list for property management.
  • You can now search portfolios based on listing agent of the unit.
  • Add lead (Beta): Action field is now available in the new add lead panel and several small enhancements.
  • Improvements based on customer feedback in the new add activity side panel.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version (02/06/2013)

  • New: You can now restore back the status of a leased unit if it is reserved or set upcoming for a short period of time.(Beta)
  • New: Matches are now available for the countries that do not use rent per year budgets.
  • Corrections have been made in the activity email notification.
  • Corrections have been made in "Support Access Upgrades" to improve the usability and security level of data. (Beta).
  • Several improvements to the new Add Activity, Add lead and Report Builder tool.
  • Bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version (19/05/2013)

  • New: The contact files are now checking duplicates for all number fields where mobile is selected.
  • Contact look up is faster.
  • Location auto complete is now becomes more faster.
  • Small improvements have been done to make the application compatible with IE 10.
  • You can now select "Rotation List" and "Show All" for referred to list on lead side panel.
  • Small enchantments and several bug fixes.


Version (06/05/2013)

  • New: Refresh link is now available in unit files to quickly search landlord/Seller.
  • Upgrades to contact look up.
  • Upgrades to smart side bar report.
  • Small enhancements to Add activity and Add lead side panels.
  • Several bug fixes.


Version (21/04/2013)

  • Improvements to the add lead panel.
  • Improvements to the add activity panel.
  • Small fixes on report builder.
  • A new field has been added on the sold unit summary report labeled "Leased".
  • Leads added during transaction are now showing up on mailing list.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.


Version (07/04/2013)

  • Modifications in Add Lead and Add Activity.
  • Contact Look up and Add contact option is now centralized.
  • New columns have been added in the listing magazine report.
  • Small enhancements in the smart sidebar reports for split modules.
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements to improve the speed efficiency of the system.


Version (10/03/2013)

  • Now you can track the change made to a unit along with its appropriate module through transaction history of unit.
  • The smart sidebar is now further optimized.
  • Gmail/Exchange integration has now been optimized.
  • Minor changes to the Smart Sidebar functionality.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.

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