Hide unit number or mandate payments?

While still actively working on some of our bigger projects (in particular, improved navigation and report builder) we’ve just sneaked in two new features we’ve been working on. The first one we’re calling Hide Unit Number which, you guessed it, allows you to hide the Unit Number from other Agents. The second new feature is called Mandatory Payments.

Here’s how they work

Hide Unit Number - is an option to hide the Unit Number when viewing a Unit, searching in the Unit Zone or running reports, so only the Listing Agent can see it. We’ve seen this works well in some companies and can help improve trust in the system and encourage agents to post more Units.

Knowledgebase: How to hide Unit Numbers between agents

Mandatory Payments - allows you to set selected fields as “required” for a reservation. For example, you may want to require to input the Rental Payment when reserving a Unit. If the Rental Payment is not entered, you will not be able to complete the reservation.

Knowledgebase: How to set mandatory payments

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