How Masterkey evolved over the years

Remember how Google looked when it first launched? Yeah, we were better.


2001 - 2002: V1 of Masterkey

If you’ve seen this design before it means you were in real estate before freehold property existed in Dubai. You should be a millionaire... or be an employee of Masterkey.


2002 - 2007: Feeling Blue?

Pablo Picasso isn’t the only one to have had a Blue Period.


2007 - 2009: Gradients Galore!

Rounded edges, gradient backgrounds, jewel-like tick boxes… this interface had an image for every pixel.


2009 - 2013: The Minimalist

We went flat before flat was in fashion. That’s right, we set the trend back in 2009. No... it had nothing to do with removing all images to speed up the application on slow connections.


2013 - Now: The Refined

Masterkey Evolved. To be unveiled on 6th Oct 2013, so stay tuned!

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