3 Ways to Hack Your Productivity


Productivity is a common distressing subject for any real estate professional. Running from one apartment to the other, entering notes onto your smartphones (that you never really have time to look at anyway, or if you do you would completely forget what that note was about in the first place). Your documents are randomly stored on your desktop, you use time consuming spreadsheets, and waste so much time on paperwork. If you ever wish to grow your income, close more deals, and spend your valuable time on making actual money, you have to start considering using an organized system that will hack your productivity.


So how do you organize your work with Masterkey? How can you increase your productivity and consequently save time and energy to invest in money-making activities rather than unproductive paperwork?


Activities Management: Start by automating your task follow-up and call lists. “I set immediate reminders that are very helpful and assign tasks and distribute work to team members,” said Smitha Sanil from Better Homes. “Automatic reminders for follow-ups and lease expiry dates are all great features that we use.” With Masterkey’s activity management system, we estimate you can save up to 40 minutes per day.


A Solid Client Database: “Who is it on the phone? Oh we spoke yesterday at 10:00? You want to buy a house? Oh! Yeah yeah!” Don’t you just want to avoid these awkward conversations? Capture your new leads immediately into your CRM system along with all their related data. Automate the follow-up with your clients and call them first, instead of guessing who they are and providing disappointing service. Improve your follow-up procedure and timing by simply logging a call with notes. All your interactions can be captured directly so you don’t lose touch, or even worse lose that lead. We estimate that using Masterkey CRM will save you up to 30 minutes a day.


A Mobile Solution available everywhere: You are a real estate professional and spend most of your time on the move. From an apartment to a villa, attending trainings, networking… Do you actually ever sit in front of your desktop? “Using the mobile access is just perfect to me! I am never at the office, so the mobile version allows me to capture my client data and manage all my leads instantly from my phone” says Marija Lukic, from Property Shop Investment. How awesome is that? Making these features available online and on the move, could save you the one-hour drive to the office and back and at least 30 minutes of computer work.


At Masterkey, we want to support your time hacking and create that culture of productivity in your office. We just gave you a way to save 2 hours and 40 minutes a day. How many more deals will you close with all that extra time?

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