Sending renewal notices just got a lot easier!

In the last few months and due to popular demand, we’ve been hard at work to revamp and streamline the lease renewal process inside Masterkey. This week’s release includes the first of a series of improvements that will facilitate renewals for Property Managers.


You can now send one or multiple renewal notices via email to tenants whose leases are expiring soon, all from the Upcoming Renewals sidebar report.


By selecting a single or multiple leases and clicking ‘Send Renewal Notice’, an email composer will open with the tenant’s name and email address pre-filled and the renewal letter attached as a PDF. You can select up to 50 leases and send renewal notices as a batch at once!


“Did I send that renewal notice 90 days before the lease expires?” Stop wondering! Simply keep track of when the renewal letter was first sent for each lease. Reminders can still be sent, but the system will track the first notice sent, since it is the one that matters as per the 90-day-period notice ceiling.


Managing notices is now much easier and straightforward. Just add a “Notice Sent On” column in the field selection, and keep an eye on the date these notices were sent. You can even follow the person who initially sent these notices.


Excited to do things faster? Go to the our knowledge base here and check out the details on how to send renewal notices to your tenants.


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